Welcome to Black Rock City! Pull up a bicycle and share a few tales!
It’s no mystery where I disappear to every year about this time, and honestly, living in northern California, there is almost no excuse for me not to go to the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada.
With our chartreuse camper to wield off the dust and heat, my partner and I set off for art-filled adventures; like roving with a band of caped superheroes fixing things for people.

View from the third story of “The Man” facing the temple.

One of the hundreds of sculptures dotting the events “playa”.
One of the most breathtaking pieces this year was this intricately welded sculpture of a woman. Approx. 60 feet tall.

Hundreds of art cars and “mutant vehicles” move about the event, and art is encouraged to be interactive. Personally, my favorite scene is going out on daytime art tours and city adventures, but there is no denying the nightlife at Burning Man. Costumed “citizens” roam at all hours with an overwhelming sense of kindness and giving. 

My boyfriend and I in our playa wear. (So dusty!)

The week long event peaks on Saturday night when the giant wooden effigy of a man bursts in to flames and fieworks.
Any Burners out there?