“What do you get when you combine two people in love, Paris, New York, and a Nokia phone?”
See for yourself:
Innovation is nothing new at the Edinburg International Film Festival. This year was no exception, where attendees watched eight short films shot only with a phone. Yep, a phone.
In the Nokia Shorts 2011 contest, eight filmmakers were each given two Nokia N8 phones, $5000 bucks, and a few weeks to make a completed short film. Equipped with a mobile crane and a ukulele-themed score, they created eight incredibly creative, unique stories. Ten thousand dollars and the Nokia Shorts 2011 Jury prize was awarded to JW Griffiths for his fictional tale of two lovers in different cities who eventually unite at the same location.

Pretty sweet, huh?
If you weren’t able to make it to Scotland, and you want to see the other entries, then click here or head to Vimeo for some short and sweet entertainment.
Anybody else suddenly inspired to go out and make a movie with your camera phone?