When the temperature takes a steep climb, it’s the perfect time to retreat inside and work on some inspiring summer art projects.While practicing forms of collage art for many years, I’ve accumulated a few secrets I’d like to share with you today!
1. Observe what other artists are doing. Collage artist, Derek Gores is able to create an amazing range of value in the above work. Notice how he’s used a little piece of newsprint to create a light shadow on the right hand figure’s face.
2. Choose a thick piece of paper, cardboard, or a stretched canvas to work on (thin paper will wrinkle when wet glue is applied).

4. Try using a glue stick to tack down individual pieces, especially if you are doing a lot of overlapping, this gives you a little maneuverability. Mod Podge can be fun, but I find that it often wrinkles cutouts and once it’s down it’s down! Use it to seal everything together once you’ve tacked them all down!
5. Find books or magazines with vintage pictures at thrift stores and yard sales. I find the images are more interesting than a lot of the ads in new magazines, and picture books have thicker pictures that hold up well. Origami and hand made papers also works quite well.
6. Use your own drawn, painted or sculptural elements to create a more unique composition. Self taught collagist Henry Darger and assemblagist Joseph Cornell used whatever their instincts told them to in order to get the imagery and mood they were looking for. Now I think it’s your turn, Go for it!
Feel free to leave your own collage tips in the comments below!