The tasty little confections know as conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, but as I had to remind my boyfriend yesterday, are not adequate as a gift for your loved ones… unless Rosanna Yau gets a hold of them.

Rosanna is a crazy cool cat. But all alternation aside (ha!) she has updated the Conversation Hearts into the tech age.

I was lucky enough to go to undergrad with Rosanna at UC Davis, majoring in Design. She is now finishing up her grad school work at CCA, where she made this little project for class.

Watching the video below will better explain the process, but in short her special made chocolate conversation hearts will activate a program Rosanna wrote to play quirky loved themed videos when held up to your laptop camera for all to see. This is about a zillion times cooler thanĀ  “Be Mine” on sugar chalk.

Take a look at the cool hearts! Good work Rosanna!

Conversation Hearts from ro.sanna on Vimeo.