For November, the fashion magazine W is featuring a serious series of photographs conceived by Maurizio Cattelan, curated by Dennis Freedman, and photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari.

For this series, Cattelan casts supermodel Linda Evangelista as an image of the fashion victim as martyr and saint. Dramatic photographs of Evangelista are placed between loaded images of burning peace signs and blood red meat. This series is arranged to lead the viewer through a slightly disturbing and politically charged world created by Cattelan.

I am totally infatuated with Pierpaolo Ferrari’s work, as he is one of my favorites from the Milan fashion scene. I found Pierpaolo’s work when I became friends with a couple of his assistant photographers in New York (including Alberto Zanetti, who was featured in August on our blog post Duty For Beauty). When I moved to Milan, I was even able to go behind the scenes of a few of his shoots.

Pierpaolo Ferrari treats his photo shoots as if setting up a scene for a movie with an actress. The model is integral to his photograph, as an actress to a play/movie, and he makes the props and set for her to work with. The relationship of the model to the set is one of the reasons that Ferrari’s photography works so well with Cattelan’s style.

Cattelan says this of working with the goddess of modeling, Linda Evangelista: “She’s a still actress. At the end, she was so tuned-in that all she needed were a couple of words and she knew what we wanted.”