Besides the fact that she has ridiculously shiny hair, flawless skin, and rad glasses, above model Nadya Trofimova is also rockin’ one of the coolest fashion innovations I’ve seen in quite a while:  paper dresses.
Originally beginning her artistic career as a graphic designer, Moscow-based Alexandra Zaharova now specializes in paper artwork and unique photography campaigns. Along with partner Ilya Plotnikov, she founded Doberman Studio, a Russian photography and advertising agency. Her heart, however, lies in the creation of custom couture dresses made entirely out of paper. According to her website‘s bio, she finds ” inspiration in classical, futuristic and gothic styles with their clean and acute formes. Simplicity and monumental in shapes of dresses is her signature.”
From the different dresses and photoshoots below, I’d say she’s hit her goal spot-on.
(Audrey Hepburn, anyone?)
 Some of these photos were taken from here
 It’s too bad these dresses aren’t wearable, because I’d definitely be trying to get my hands on a couple of them. It’s pretty interesting to see how she’s captured feeling of movement and feminine grace with a textile that is so crisp and straight.
Inspired yet? Next time you’ve got a rainy day, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be hunting through the recycling to make my own couture creations.
Which dress is your favorite?