We’re always wondering what’s coming and what’s going out… but one thing that’s on the way out is fashion illustration. Basically any kind of illustration where there is an actual hand involved instead of a mouse. There is no more time for drawing and re-drawing and erasing and ink spills and smudges.

There are no more days of old… now with everything done on Illustrator we have created a whole new type of “illustration”. Really this whole trend is just making those of us that actually still get covered in ink and paint all the more fantastic, right?

Anyway, at least when you stumble upon a really good illustration in a magazine that was done by hand it is pretty phenomenal. I recently stumbled upon Garance Doré’s newest illustrations for Patrick Robinson’s opening of the 1969 Gap Store in London and was totally re-inspired to take out my pen and ink…..

From Garance Doré’s drawings I really enjoy these two sisters….

Dorance’s boyfriend and superman photographer The Sartorialist is most famous for photographing people wearing the coolest outfits on the streets of New York City, Milan, Paris, and wherever else they might be. Dorance takes after him, or is very similar in style, and seems to capture the same instant of fashion sense in her drawings. Dorance is known as well for her photographs of the “stylish” on the streets….

I went on her blog and found this quote that I thought quite “beautiful” about when she was recently in Amsterdam…

“One thing I loved about Amsterdam: Women just knew how to age well.  In the week I spent over there, not one time did I see those surrealistic masks made by plastic surgery. But [they are] a perfect example that at any age, you can reinvent your life, that at every age you can be open, engaged, radiant and passionate. Sophisticated and natural. And be quite the dish too!”