Who says you can’t play with your food?
It’s a good thing Italian artist Fulvio Bonavia didn’t listen to his mom, because he’s made a name for himself creating some truly incredible photographs combining fruit, vegetation, and modern fashion.
Bonavia began his work as a graphic illustrator and film poster animator, and has since designed for such companies as Adidas, Amnesty International, Delta Airlines, Disney, Heineken, Jaguar, MTV, Rolex, and many other top brands.
One of the really unique things about Bonavia’s work is that he does all the postproduction work himself, so everything you see is truly a product of his own work. Instead of handing it off to another designer after the pictures are taken, we see these photographs exactly as he envisioned them in his head. 
This shoe below is one of my personal favorite — perfect with a cute summer dress, don’t you think?
 Bonavia’s book, A Matter of Taste (from which all the food-themed pictures are taken), has been featured in magazines all over the world. Perfect for your coffee table or a present for your art-loving friend! You can get it here.
So ladies, feeling creative yet? Raid your fridge and garden and get gluing!