Welcome to the magical mixed media world of Wendy Starling.
As a collage and poetry fusion artist, Wendy mixes bits of paper, photographs, paint, newpaper, and small trinkets, as well as her own poetry, to create art that does more than just look pretty. “My hope in adding my poetry and prose,” she says, “is to touch someone on a level that is not just visual.”  
Take a look at some of these incredible pieces.
The best part of her work? “Laying down paint and paper and getting my hands dirty!”  
With all the mediums she uses, these works are a real ode to texture. “I love the feel of a piece coming together layer after layer,” she says.
In addtion to her larger paintings, Wendy also specializes in smaller postcards, labels, notecards, and tags.
My love of old postcards and tags takes me back to a time when we thought differently about writing. Whenever I see a message on the back of an old postcard written in longhand cursive, I instantly remember the anticipation of waiting for the mail delivery. And once it finally arrived, that feeling of knowing that the sender thought about me, no matter how far away they were…There is no substitute for seeing their unique handwriting, being able to run your hands over it, to put in your pocket and take it out time and time again to read it.
 Below are my two favorite postcards and a tag. 
And finally, my absolute favorite of all:

(I have this one on my wall at home!)
Want to see more of Wendy’s art? Check out her website to view more pics or order some cool art for your house. Or, if you’re in the San Diego area, sign up for one of her classes and learn how to make your own fusion art! 
Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on some paint and paper to try this myself. What about you? Is this your style? Which one is your fav?