Here at Lulus, we love art!
Our newest lookbook, Retro Revival features a giant mural done by local artist Dylan Tellesen. Painter, professor and graphic artist, Tellesen is a local celebrity here in Chico. Besides founding the Ray Ray Gallery and The 46 artist collective, Tellesen’s work is seen throughout Chico and beyond.
One of Tellesen’s paintings from 2008.
The “Bridge of Bridges” Mural extends the entire length of one of the classic brick buildings in Chico. Here is our model, Kennedy standing in front of just a small portion.
Art Director, Siobhan, steps up for a bit of quick styling.
Over the course of this mural going up, I recall passing by many a day to find a new layer had been added or painted over.  The near obsessive use of layering really creates a sense of history throughout the whole piece.

Check out this awesome time lapse video of Tellesen working (including a few little interludes by his two children!)
We love our local artists, here in Chico, and we’d love to hear about some of the projects that go in your hometowns, too!