In my pursuit to keep up with the international art scene (which is much harder than I anticipated) I did a blog a while ago on an artist named Duty Gorn. Duty has continued to keep my attention with his success and prolific creation of paintings. The portrait on the left is of Duty himself is one of my all time favorite portraits and was taken by a friend of mine from Milan, Alberto Zanetti.


These paintings are the work of a writer and are drawn quickly and surely with confidence. A writer (graffiti artist) has to paint large scale designs with limited tools that have many parts and colors very quickly.


Duty’s painting addiction began when he was just 14. Duty is not only an accomplished and recognized Italian artist but has painted and spread his artwork all over the world.

 “In his paintings full of passion, the chromatic statements try to catch the precision of a line that accumulates the several expressions of a muse.”