Canadian actor, director, and photographer Leah Johnston opens up her psyche for our viewing pleasure in this dreamy-yet-haunting collection of fine art photography. Each photograph feels like a glimpse into Johnston’s very soul, revealing an aesthetically beautiful, yet intensely intimate self portrait, with flowing lengths of fabric billowing against enchanted landscapes in gorgeous colors. Delve deeper into her portfolio at her website, where you can check out her acting and film-making credentials as well.

1LeahJohnston.returning_from_dreams 2LeahJohnston.grasping_our_potential

3LeahJohnston.masquerade 4LeahJohnston.resurrection 5LeahJohnston.some_of_us_cannot_be_free 6LeahJohnston.jacobs_ladder 7LeahJohnston.the_return

(Images courtesy of Leah Johnston via My Modern Met)