A lover of art, I often find myself watching documentaries  and dramatizations of artist’s lives. “Pollock”, “Frida” or “Van Gogh in Arles” have their respective standings, but rarely do we hear the stories of the collectors and patrons who help fuel the art world. 
Directed by Megumi Sasaki, “Herb & Dorothy”, lays out (in their own words) the the adult lives of the now infamous New York City couple who came to create one of the most important contemporary art collections in the world. With a true eye for art, and an obsession for collecting from artists that they liked, this adorable duo swept through the New York art scene accumulating thousands of works from the Minimalism and Conceptual movements before it was chic. They just liked the work. 
With two average salaries (he worked for the post office, she worked as a librarian) the couple would budget and buy to feed their own fascinations. Living in a tiny one bedroom apartment, the Vogels eventually had almost no space in which to live. Artwork dominated every crevice from floor to ceiling, and then some! 
Vowing to never sell a piece, despite how much many of the pieces had appreciated, the Vogels instead donated their collection to the National Gallery of Art.

A recent picture of the Vogels (aren’t they cute!) in their NYC apartment, with some works from their mammoth collection in the background.
A fun flick to watch no matter what you think about art, “Herb & Dorothy” definitely gave me a new outlook on what it takes to be a collector; love and determination!