Let me introduce you to another wonderful artist and craftswoman that I have had my eye on for a while; the delightful Kari Radasch!
A few years back, when I was enjoying a short residency at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, I was introduced to the lovely functional wares included in the center’s dish collection. It turns out that Radasch (who lives in Maine where the center is located) is closely affiliated with Watershed.
Intrigued by the playful pottery that has a girly sense of “sugar and spice and everything nice”, it is my pleasure to show off some of her gorgeous Redware.
 About her work, Radasch says, ” In life I am most drawn to that which is decorative, celebratory and outrageous. I am touched by such joyful trimmings as architectural embellishments, yard art,
ornamental cuisine and confections. . . “
Three colorful platters. How much fun would it be to serve on these?!
These lidded jars are to die for!!!
Like all makers, Radasch reflects on the importance creating has to her life. “I believe that I am a potter by chance, but a maker at my core. Through a series of circumstances I ended up in the ceramics studio, though I could have easily ended up a jeweler or furniture maker had a few minor things been different.” 
Check out these glorious stacks of pots, and take a look at Kari Radasch’s shop!
Tell us, are you a maker? Do you find you are driven to create?