And I thought learning cursive was a waste of time….
Yep, those are words, and not just any old words, they’re the very words that made these faces famous. Up top, Walt Whitman’s portrait is drawn/written using his classic collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass, while the two writers below, Eudora Welty and Robert Lowell, are composed of their respective works, Powerhouse and History. This is the vision of Ohio artist/writer/overall genius John Sokol, who brings the classics to life like never before.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as A Psalm of Life
John Keats as Lamia (left) and James Joyce as Ulysses
Grace Paley as Debts
And just in case these faces don’t look terribly familiar, check out some side-by-side comparisons with actual photographs, below. Spittin’ image!
William Faulkner as The Sound and the Fury
Charles Baudelaire as Les Fleurs du Mal
Henrik Ibsen as Hedda Gabler
Anybody else feelin’ the urge to crack open a book??


(Images courtesy of demilked and the artist’s website)