There are some things that the U.S. government doesn’t want us to know about, but Pittsburgh-based, NYU film grad Matthew Buchholz is finally clueing everybody in. Well, that’s actually not true, but Buchholz does dream up some pretty convincing re-imaginings of history, with a fantastically off-beat and brilliant sci-fi vision.
Map of Washington, DC

The Defeat of General Frankenstein at Bunker Hill
Homestead Robot

Photoshop is his medium of choice, with a healthy backdrop of witty, deadpan captions detailing the sci-fi’d, pseudo-historical events depicted in the images. The descriptions alone pack as much punch as the clever pictures; check out his hilarious explanation of the Floating Saucer Crafts and the Chicago Fire, below:

“The Great Fire at Chicago, Oct 8th, 1871. The Great Fire commenced on Sunday evening, Oct 8th and continued until Tuesday, Oct 10th, consuming the Business portion of the City, Public Buildings, Hotels, Interstellar trading depots, Newspaper Offices, Rail-Road depots, and extending over an area of Five Square Miles. The fire began when Immigrant Aliens, feeling cheated in a business transaction, took to the skies in their Floating Saucer Crafts and employed their Destructo-Ray. Interstellar Trading was suspended in Chicago soon after the fire.”
The Burrowing Beast in Hollywood
Prints of his work can be purchased via his Etsy site, as well as cleverly campy greeting cards to brighten up those special days.
An Unidentified Floating Craft Above Fifth Avenue
Inauguration of Vilnar the Destroyer
The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreaks: A Map
Zombies in Schenley Park
This is just a taste of Buchholz’s willdy entertaining collection, so check out his website to witness beer-guzzling sea-nuisances, monstrous, banana-loving ape-creatures, a giant Andrew Carnegie wreaking havoc on his beloved Pittsburgh, and good old-fashioned zombies galore.
Now I just need someone I know to get pregnant so I can send her this awesome card.
 (images courtesy of renegadehandmade and alternatehistories)