The rains have (mostly) gone, and the flowers are officially here, so you know what that means…it’s time for a little spring cleaning!
Many of you may be graduating from school soon or ready for a summer break between semesters, so it’s the perfect time to bust out that resume and spruce it up for your next interview! No matter what job you’re applying for and no matter what industry you’d like to enter, the competition has definitely gotten much stiffer recently. More and more, it’s become increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and be remembered in order to interest future employers.
Now, while some very creative people have taken this advice to the extreme and come up with the unique and engaging resumes below. Many of them are for graphic design jobs, but others are for more mainstream positions like serving and freelance writing. 
Take a look:
This is certainly a little different than your average restaurant resume!
These resumes above are hand-stitched!
Want to see more creative resumes like these? Check out (where I found these pics) for inspiration.
Now, here’s the real question:  while these resumes are definitely eye-catching, do you think they are as effective as a simple black and white one in Times New Roman? Some people claim it depends what job you’re applying to, others say go all out on the design and cross your fingers, and still others are die-hard traditionalists. It seems to be a fine line between terrific and too much.
Not into the crazy and uber-creative? Check out this site and this site for some basic resume-boosting tips. 
I personally have never veered beyond the wild black & white yonder, but have you? What kinds of resumes have you found to be the most effective?