Lissy Trullie is my newfound, stumbled upon, beautiful female artist of the week.

So far on my search about her, Trullie has been pretty sweet. She isn’t one of “those” rock girl icons that gets a taste of fame and becomes doomed to the night club party scene.

And she isn’t faking it. Although she did change her name from Lizzy McChesney to Lissy Trullie for stage purposes.

Trullie’s new EP “Self-Taught Learner” is upfront and personal about the fact that she is young and that she is, practically, “self-taught”. I like the honesty of it, I like the feeling of listening to something raw, not sugar coated or Photoshopped. Trullie’s sound is that of an Indie rock band; I immediately think of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s brisk upbeat kinda feel (but that might be because I just wrote a blog on them??? this is of course subject to the opinion of the listener!).

Last February, Trullie opened for the “Warhol Live” show at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Not only is it totally becoming of her to open a retrospective of a man who made girls like her into icons, but also that it was at the newly remodeled De Young, is a sign of what could come. I am not a fan of Warhol, but needless to say he made his impact and what a cool gig to score so early on in her career.

Lissy Trullie is not only a punk princess in the making but she is becoming quite the fashion muse as well. She started out a fashion model and went back at it when Max Azria for Hervé Leger used her for their Fall 09 campaign. Lissy Trullie’s music video and photos were shot by Richard Kern and totally capture her Twiggy-esque look. Long and leggy with black tights and a short bob topped off with some heavy eye make up and this wondrous girl is ready to rock.