I was walking down the street one day, when my attention was caught by a window display of seemingly growing and moving ceramic sculptures.

When I stopped and watched the window for a while, I was reminded of watching a sea garden in an aquarium. The sculptures were formed and shaped in such a way as to suggest the ephemeral ways of the natural world moving as if underwater.

I was even more intrigued when I saw that the sculptures were made by none other than Sienna Orlando, a local artist and Lulus.com girl! When I saw her at work the next day, I asked her to send me pictures of them as soon as she got them.

Here is what Sienna sent me! Above is the Descendent and below is the Evergreen and the Storyteller.

“I have been working with these pod and blossom-like forms for some time,” Sienna says. “Aside from enjoying these forms aesthetically, they help me to represent ideas of universal transformation, and the re-generation of matter. I find that everything is so cyclical.”

“These newest ceramic sculptures were constructed as part of my thoughts on decomposition. I began integrating bones and parts that belong to the animal kingdom. By marrying animal, vegetable, and mineral, I feel that I can tell a story about how stardust came to lay beneath our feet, and sprout everything that we know.”

Here are some of her past works, from an exhibit that she did called Cosmic America!