Powerful woman + Pottery + Antique Irons = Christa Assad
Berkeley based artist, Christa Assad, is no secret. Her constructed pottery is shown throughout the U.S. and beyond. With a recent show at the Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Assad continues to uphold a high standard of crisp industrial forms with dark or dimly saturated glazes.
Known best for her interpretations of antique irons into contemporary teapots, Assad bridges the gap between the soft and hard edges of femininity.
About her work, Assad says, “The antique sad iron conjures up memories of childhood, of times spent with grandmothers and long forgotten domestic disciplines. The morphing of iron and teapot as domestic object icon helps to elicit a more powerful emotional response.”
That mottled, oily glaze is simply amazing.
Assad stretching out her biceps with a real antique iron for us!
Have you ever seen the work of Christa Assad? Please tell!