I have been doing some soul-style searching lately … just a seasonal case of the blues with my wardrobe … and I have found that the most inspiring style or fashion help I can get is from people that I find dang COOL!

And that is exactly the case with my most recent fav-fav-favorite young woman/artist that I have found. Her name is Kelty, and oh boy is she fun and funky.

Kelty’s photographs are always filled with the most amazing colorful clothes, on amazing and colorful people. And then, they are always doing something that looks like so much fun, I want to jump right into their shoes, or clothes….

I think my favorite part about what Kelty presents in her work is her complete, honest fascination and enjoyment of the simple things in life … the things that we always overlook.

“If you ask me, a perfect day involves (and in no particular order): a mug of tea, a gust of wind, a back-bending and guffaw-filled photo shoot, getting something in the mail, a nap with my beasts, a walk in the woods, travel scheming, cutting and gluing, a good smelling old book, a heavy-duty brainstorm, ice cream, a visit to the post office, drooling over Etsy, hearing from an old friend, and last but not least: watching Mr. Green cook dinner. Luckily, most days tend to go by this description (give or take the wind patterns)” Kelty.