Always looking for artists who challenge my perception of reality I was happily drawn into the mysterious work of Ana Bagayan. Her seemingly innocent portrayals of children always have a dark spin on them. Whether it is a look in the eyes or a ribbon adorned child or a forest of ominous clouds and trees, Ana’s work is always on the melancholy and spooky side. Check out a few of my favorites below.

Los Angeles-based Bagayan was born in Armenia. She grew up in Burbank and attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She has been featured in plenty of publications including Spin, Rolling Stone and GQ. With exhibitions in Spain, Italy and NYC this world traveler has shared her vision with art lovers around the globe.

Being a fan of the wide-eyed vintage painting style, I was particularly fond of the image below. I love the glossy eyes and the oversized bow. Perfect combination of spooky-cute.

This little giraffe on a leash of butterflies makes you dream of having your own exotic pet. I love the cream color of the background mixed with the smooth lines of the pencil.

You can find a print of this beautiful painting in Ana’s Etsy shop. I will definitely be checking into her shop for more prints. I cant get enough of the emotion behind the eyes!

Make sure to check out her website for a more complete look at her talent and visit her Etsy shop for a chance at your own fine piece of art. She even has a blog where she asks for feedback on naming her creations. Don’t miss out on this artist, you will be darkly delighted!