Lately I’ve been trying to keep posted on the people that I have done blogs on. One person that I have succeeded, at least a little, in keeping updated on is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer named Kelty, who has a website called Steep Street. I did the first blog in August on Kelty’s website and then did another follow up blog on a photo shoot that she styled in vintage clothes

This week, I remembered to remind myself to check up on Kelty and was really glad that I did. I found myself enamored with her most recent blog post. The newest photos that she has posted are such an awesome inspiration for fashion, styling, makeup, and photography that I had to do another post!

All of the makeup done in these shots was done by the makeup artist Nadia, who has just launched a website and a blog, which include drawings of her ideas for this photo shoot! 

Obviously, it’s fun to see the final product, but I also enjoy seeing the thought and process behind a project. This one turned out so well that I really enjoyed seeing the concept and drawings of the makeup (below).