A good friend of mine (who I’ve blogged about multiple times), an Italian fashion expert and innovative photographer has recently gotten his fingers on one of the last remaining giant Polaroid cameras AND some of the last remaining film! 

Alberto Zanetti used 5 of the remaining 100 pieces of the 50×60 cm (20×24″) film on one of the 2 remaining giant Polaroid cameras in the world. There is one giant Polaroid camera in Milan and one in New York. 

It was Ermanno Lazzarin of the menswear boutique Eral 55 in Milan, Italy who directed and commissioned Alberto in this amazing project. 

The above photo is one of the photos taken of the new collection using the giant Polaroid camera with the giant Polaroid film. This film develops instantly just like a Polaroid but with extreme clarity. 

Here is Alberto covered by the gigantic Polaroid camera about to take a picture. And below they peel away the emulsion to reveal the beautiful photo of the stylish elephant man!

 I love the look and feel of these outfits as well as the giant animal masks covering the face of the mode. Too often, the face of the model takes over an image and the clothes come second. 

Eral 55 is a boutique with a mission to create fashion for men without conforming to any rules. The store personalizes every piece of clothing so that every person has a unique shopping experience. Craftsmanship is the focal point of every item including the furnishings of the store itself. This boutique combines the best of modern design with a timeless vintage twist and a vivid imagination to create a world of fashion fantasy for its customers. 

 These photos were exhibited in Florence on June 15-17 at the world renowned JK Place