Galleries and exhibitions are my favorite pastime. When I travel, I try to hook up with as many art openings as possible, and I have been known to spend an entire day at a single museum.

Anyway, I have been thinking about Sweden a lot lately … a possible trip is in sight … and as I have been searching through the many links and sites of up and coming Swedish artists I found the Loyal Gallery.

Now located in Malmö, Sweden, the Loyal Gallery is a group of people committed to serving up an ongoing stream of the newest of the new artists in the coolest of ways. They throw parties and gallery exhibitions that include everything from panoramic art sculptures, oil paintings, photographs, costumes, etc. This group of artists and art lovers has also created the Loyal Magazine for updates and articles.

Here are paintings from a few of the artists that I really enjoyed checking out! There is a trend toward a neon outlook on violent or manual everyday tasks… its as if children were painting or as if a child got ahold of an oil painting and added the brilliant hues to their satisfaction…..

All in all, I find the Woop Dee Doo parties that the Loyal Gallery hosts the most exciting. They seem to have everything from hula hooper, plays, and bands playing wildly colorfully music to vegetable eating contests! This group of young adults and artists seem to have gone against tradition by creating an upbeat atmosphere around the art scene instead of the famously dark, arts scene.