GeneralSpring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Closet

The closet is a girl’s ultimate domain where we choose the outfits that will shape the rest of our week. If you don’t see it, you’re not going to wear it! So, it is always a good idea to keep your closet neat and organized so you can maximize your space and get use of all of your items.
Springtime is a perfect time to give your closet a face-lift so you can continue to add more precious items to your collection and clear out some of the things you no longer wear.

Here are some tips that you should repeat every season so your closet remains in tip-top shape all year round:
1. Take everything out so you can dust your shelves and clean the cobwebs in the corners. No one likes dirty garments!
2. Go through all of your clothes to determine what you will donate or give away. Maybe even do a clothing swap with your friends so you can switch up your wardrobe a little bit!
3. Separate items that are out of season. Since it is currently spring, it is time to store some of your thick knits and winter coats that tend to take up a lot of space. Under the bed storage boxes are ideal for storing these clothes.
4. After you have all of your clothes out you should organize them by type of clothing, occasion, hem and sleeve length, and then color. For instance, if you have a bunch of jeans you can organize them by style (pencil, bell bottom, etc.), and then arrange them from light to dark.
5. Once all of your items are grouped into certain categories, you should determine what gets hung up and what does not. Loose knits tend to stretch out once placed on a hanger, so these should be folded. Jeans could also be folded to maximize space if one sees it necessary. Shelf dividers are ideal for this!
6. Use the same hangers on every item. Personally, I love velvet non-slip hangers! When all hangers are identical, it makes it so that every item of clothing is at the same eye-level and no piece gets left out.
 7. Fabric storage bins or hat boxes are great for storing all of those extra things that normally just create clutter.
8. Vertically line handbags by size on a shelf.
9. Closet door shoe racks are awesome because they show every pair! A fellow blogger suggested hanging some scarves on the bottom of the shoe rack so you can pick the perfect one to match your outfit.
10. Another great way to organize your shoes is to have clear shoe boxes, or take a picture of the shoe and place it on the front of the box. This is a very Carrie Bradshaw technique for all of her Manolo Blahnik’s, but it also works for those on a budget.
11. Keep boots in an upright position; put old magazines or newspaper into your boots so they remain upright all year. If your boots are just thrown into a bin they will never be the same again!
This should keep you all busy for a while!

Did I leave anything out? Tell us your favorite organizing techniques!

FashionBunny Appropriate: The Perfect Easter Dress

With Easter right around the corner, egg hunts and egg painting are on everyone’s minds. In order to enjoy the holiday’s festivities a girl must find her perfect outfit!
With all of the bunnies and beautiful pastels all around, Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays. So naturally I like to don the prettiest of pastels so my outfit is in tune with the season. I went around the Lulu*s warehouse to find you guys the ideal Easter appropriate attire for this year. 
Here are some cuties that I fell for:
What are you going to wear this Easter?

MusicBritney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” Debuts No. 1


On March 29th, Britney Spears relseased her seventh record “Femme Fatale” which has stood at No. 1 on U.S. album charts since its release date. The chart-topping album marks the second largest music debut of the year and makes Spears the first female ever to have six No.1 debut albums. In addition to the album’s national success, “Femme Fatale” has also debuted at No. 1 in Canada, Australia and Korea and enters in the Top 10 charts in 15 other countries. Britney worked hard on this album for years and considers “Femme Fatale” to be her “best album yet.”

According to a press release: “The iconic global superstar’s title “Femme Fatale” is a tribute to bold, empowered, confident, elusive, fun, flirty women and men. It’s not a conceptual album, Spears is letting the music speak for itself.” Britney wanted to play with this album by mixing her traditional pop mix with auto-tune and a variety of new beats.

On Twitter, Britney commented on how much she appreciates her devoted fans by saying, “I’ve put everything I have into it. This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all!”

Rolling Stone magazine gave the album 4 out 5 stars and claims that “Femme Fatale may be Britney’s best album…”. The Associated Press adds, “Spears once again sizzles, and her flame burns as bright as ever,” and People Magazine raves, “One of the best start-to-finish albums of her career…”
Here is Britney’s new music video “Til the World Ends”, which I simply cannot stop playing!

 Tell us what you think of our girl Britney Spears’ new album in the comments below!

FashionTrend Alert: 70s Fringe Fashion

As you may have noticed, many of this season’s current trends have been channeling fashion from previous eras. Mixing a touch of the past with a modern spin, these looks have proven to be simply irresistible! One of this spring’s biggest trends is fringe, a flapper-inspired look that carried on into the 70s and isn’t going anywhere soon.
From clothing to accessories, fringe can be seen everywhere! Make sure to not pass up this retro-inspired trend.
I love this trend not only because it is soft and feminine, but fringe also gives everything a bohemian 70’s edge that is ever-so-sought-after this spring. 
Are you ready to don this stylish spring 2011 fashion trend? Here is some help to jump-start your collection:
Upper Float White Crocheted Dress
Vagabond Days Fringe Black Purse
Billabong Lue Tie-Dye One Shoulder Dress
BB Dakota Melissa Grey Dress
Blaque Label Cher’s Choice Ivory Fringe Top
Boot Scootin’ Black Fringe Mini Skirt
In case you need any more convincing, take it from the queen of fashion herself: Cher would be sure to approve this spring fashion trend! 

Enjoy, my little hippie-chic fashionistas!

GeneralInterior Design How To: Get that Shabby Chic Look

To do a little something different this week I thought it would be fun to touch on a few interior design ideas for all of those wanting to give their homes a needed face lift. A personal favorite of mine is a vintage, ultra-girly style that has made me want to immediately buy a house so I can start decorating. I used designer Rachel Ashwell as inspiration for this look with her Shabby Chic® line, a take on the popular Shabby Chic movement.
Shabby Chic® was founded in 1989 after Ashwell had her first child and wanted to create something that reflected the comforts of life. “I needed a versatile home that could handle children and a busy lifestyle,” Rachel says. “The answer came to me in the form of slipcovers. They could be easily washed and gave a warm, open feel to the rooms.” Ashwell was always obsessed with floral prints and wanted to reflect this in her new line of merchandise. Being a vintage floral fanatic myself, I am utterly obsessed with this line. 
Shabby Chic® products are a little on the pricey side, so Ashwell teamed up with Target and created a more affordable line for all to enjoy. 

Here are some tips on how to adorn your home to get this comfortable look! 
1. Give your end and coffee tables an antique finish. This can be done by painting your tables all white or cream and take sand paper to roughen up the edges. Your tables could look something like this:
2. Put some flowers in a vase. Flowers always brighten up an environment and just seem to make everything better. 
3. Invest in some picture frames and candles. Both of these make a room warmer and more inviting, creating a laid-back comfortable scene. For candles, try a soothing vanilla-cinnamon scent.
4. Throw pillows. These are amazing because they add character to a solid-colored couch and give it a little zing. I suggest a neutral-toned couch with a floral throw pillow with lace detail.
5. Mirrors. These always make a room appear to be larger and look lovely on walls.
6. Cute storage boxes. These wisk away clutter into something adorable! Try decoupaging hat or photo boxes to make them look cuter!
7. Be mismatched! The ultimate key to being shabby chic is to have a variety of pieces in your room. This makes it so that your room is anything but boring!
What do you think of this precious style for your home?

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