BeautyBeauty How-To: Reverse Tips Manicure

Ladies, it is time to flip things around! The Reverse French Manicure is an awesome trend that I have had my eyes on for quite some time. Recently, I was finally brave enough to try it and I am absolutely enthralled with this amazing nail trend.
What I love most about it is that you can mix and match colors and add a number of variations to keep your nails looking sassy and amazing without over-doing the trend.

 What You Need:
*Top Coat
*Base Coat
*Two Different Nail Colors
*Sheet of Computer Paper
 1. Apply a base coat on your nails
 2.  After base coat has dried, apply a layer of your first polish. Let dry.
 3. Tear off an end of the computer paper and use the straight edges as a stencil.
 4. Place it near your cuticle with some space reserved for you other polish to show.
 5. Paint your other polish on the end of your nail with the paper as your barrier. This provides for a neat and clean divider. I would suggest a dark color to cover the other polish completely on top.
 6. Once dry, apply a top coat. 

Feel free to use a glitter polish instead of another color to add some variation to your look. You can also choose where you paper divider lies if you wish to have something other than a straight border. 
Can you think of any awesome combinations for this nail trend?

GeneralNew Leo Movie Alert: J. Edgar

Ever since Titanic, I made a vow to see every Leonardo DiCaprio movie that was released. J. Edgar, Leo’s new film highlights the rise and transformation of the FBI leader, J. Edgar Hoover.  The movie gives the audience a view of the man who loved secrecy and rule-bending for the good of his country. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know much about the guy until I saw this film and I had mixed emotions.


Hoover began his career with good intentions and devoted himself to chasing down criminals and punishing them appropriately. As his fame developed, however, he became more secretive and paranoid. DiCaprio amazingly executes his role, which spanned from Hoover in his twenties until the age of 77. DiCaprio underwent many hours of makeup to look the part of Hoover in his old age. It is weird to see Leo look so old and is it odd I still find him attractive? Anyways, Leo makes this movie worth seeing alone.


I am a sucker for any period piece film and what I enjoyed most about this movie was the costumes. I loved all of the fedoras and pea coats and saw myself become distracted from the plot as a result of my fashion curiosity. Since the movie covers such a large time span, one really gets an idea of the way fashion transformed as much as Hoover. 

Overall, I’d give the movie a 3.5 out of five. The costumes were great and anything with Leo will be an okay film in my book. 

(photos courtesy of movieweb)

GeneralInterior Design How-to: 7 Fun Wall Decor Ideas

I recently moved and realized how hard it was to fill up the blank wall space in my apartment. After reading multiple magazines for sources of inspiration and careful creativity, I finally found some awesome ways to spruce up my home. You will absolutely love these creative ways to liven up your walls, and they will be sure to keep you busy!
1. Full on Art Walls

Looking at walls full of different pictures in various frames reminds me of being in an antique shop, and I absolutely love the vintage feel it gives any room. Grab all sorts of different frames varying in color, shape, and size and frame anything from photos, newspaper clippings, art, or fashion magazine pages. This brings a sort of liveliness to a room that just can’t be beat. 
2. Actual Book Shelves
I absolutely love the concept of these bookshelves. Just get a shelf hook and place your favorite books on them. These are so cute and extremely simple to execute!
3. Arranging Photos in Specific Ways
Anyone can just hang up pictures in a straight line on a wall. But to me, that can get very boring and calls for a makeover. I love the concept of arranging photos on the wall in anyway you wish. One of my best friends just did this in the shape of a peace sign, and it was amazing!
4. Painting the Walls

If you are a good painter, then feel free to do something a little more complex than the picture that is shown above. However, painting is a skill I lack, so I prefer easy things that are hard to mess up. If you are still weary of painting on your walls, try wall decals. They vary from text to pictures but are extremely easy to use and look just like you painted them on!
5. Buttoning the Walls 

I did this in my grandma’s craft room upon her request. I simply hot-glued vintage buttons on the wall, and it turned out great! It can be time-consuming, and make sure you have a level and a ruler if you want to keep the buttons in an even line!
6. Empty Frames on the Walls

Something I love to collect are vintage picture frames. I realized that I had so many lying around without pictures in them and something needed to be done. Some picture frames are so ornate that they speak for themselves. I love the idea of just putting these up without anything in them because it allows the viewer to fill in the blanks and imagine something themselves. Try painting the frames to match an accent color or use the same color as your wall to just add some texture!
7. Plates on the Walls

As an avid thrifter, I love to collect vintage plates. If you go to Michaels, you can get wire plate hangers that clip on to the plate and allow you to rest it on a hook. I love this interior design idea because it is definitely a conversation starter and adds so much color to a room without painting the walls. 
Now start decorating!
(photos courtesy of pinterest and weheartit)

FashionTrend Alert: Chunky Sweaters with Maxi Skirts

I love maxi skirts. Other than the obvious reasons, want to know why? I can wear them for the majority of the year. When it was warmer out, I would pair my maxi skirt with a cute tank, or an off-the-shoulder tee. Now that it is cool, I can match my maxi skirt with a fabulous chunky sweater and some boots. Basically, this trend makes me a very happy gal. 

Here are a few fabulous Lulu*s options to get you on board with this trend:
Chunky Sweaters:

Maxi Skirts:

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FashionProfessional Presentation: How to Dress For An Interview

Got an interview swiftly approaching and simply cannot decide on something to wear? I can help.

It can be quite nerve-racking when you are trying to pick out the perfect outfit for a big interview. First impressions are everything and the way you initially present yourself says a lot. I have compiled a number of different outfits for a few various job interviews. This is just a broad guideline, so please feel free to mix and match as you please!
Administrative/ Secretarial

For this look, I think you shouldn’t be too dressy. A skirt would be perfect with a pretty top neatly tucked in. Don’t over accessorize – just a simple silver bracelet or some pearl earrings. Don’t have a flashy purse either, you want to look professional, but also approachable. Add a cute little blazer to match and your look is complete. 
Get the look:
If you are trying to get a job in the education field, I would say it is okay to be a little more dressy in this case. I would suggest a dress, or a skirt, that goes past your knees with a flowy blouse that shows absolutely no cleavage. Match with a beautiful handbag, some simple heels, and some pretty jewelry and you are set.
Get the look:
Sales and Marketing

With this ensemble, I would suggest an outfit that shows you know what you want. With sales, you have to present yourself well, in addition to performing to the best of your abilities. These two attributes coupled with a positive attitude will be sure to nail you that job. I would suggest a beautiful pencil skirt with some traditional black pumps and a matching black blazer. Match this outfit with a beautiful and bold bag and you will be sure to nail the interview!
Get the look:
Public Relations

Flashy is the best policy. Maybe I have watched Sex and the City too much with Samantha Jones sporting her best Gucci shoes and Chanel earrings, but I believe it is essential to over accessorize and wear your most expensive heels for this type of interview. The main thing I would advise is not wear too much makeup or perfume, that would just make a lovely look a little tacky. 
Get the look:
Fashion Industry

This is where I would suggest going all out. Wear your best accessories and your amazing heels. You want to create a bold statement with your outfit, giving the impression that the world is yours. The fashion industry is much more liberated than most other industries, where you can reveal your creativity through your outfit. I would suggest a bold nail polish to complete the look!
Get the look:
This is an industry that has a very ‘get down to business’ look so you don’t want to be too flashy. I would suggest a pair of pants, a pretty blouse, and some flats. Match with a small handbag and some simple earrings and you are ready. I also suggest wearing your hair back to give a neat and polished look. Bring a sweater as well, since most of those office buildings are freezing. 
Get the look:
Creative Arts
Similar to the fashion industry, a career in creative arts also has a much more liberating style. Whether you are going to be an art curator, art teacher, or a gallery attendant, you will be sure to rock the interview. I would suggest some three inch heels, nothing too high and overwhelming. A flowy and simple dress with a light blazer and an airy scarf. Adorn some simple earrings and wear your hair in loose curls. Something about even describing this outfit makes me want to go to a museum so I can sport this look! 
Get the look:
Enjoy looking classy, ladies
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