GeneralInterior Design: Wallpaper Ceilings

Looking for a way to completely change the look of a room in your house without having to buy much or move anything around? I have been re-doing my house and looking into interior design ideas for quite some time now and I just had to share this one with all of you. In just about every interior design magazine I picked up they showed wallpapered ceilings and I fell in love with them! I am most definitely going to try this new treat because wallpapered ceilings have the potential of creating a dramatic effect in any room, and they also create quite the visual impact. Plus, it is a great way to cover up defects and uneven ceilings. 
Keep in mind that when you try this out, the wallpaper you choose will change the feel of the room. I would recommend taking a square of the paper of your choice and tape it up on the ceiling. Keep it there for a week and make sure it is not only the perfect look, but also the perfect feel!
It is very important to note that dark colors and heavy patterns will make a room appear smaller. Light, subdued colors and patterns can make a room appear larger and more defined.
For all of those brave souls out there, you can even put wallpaper from the ceiling to the ground!
You can pick a fun pattern to add a little something different to your room, or you can choose a bold color to make a statement. This is a perfect excuse to be creative and have fun doing something around the house! 
What do you all think of this fun interior decorating technique?

MusicNew Beyoncé Album: 4


Beyoncé Knowles released her aptly named fourth album “4” just a few days ago on June 27th. However, you may have been able to listen to it earlier than Beyoncé may have wanted, seeing as the album leaked two weeks earlier. I have listened to the entire album from start to finish a few times and it is really spectacular. Beyoncé has made this album her most personal and mature yet, revealing feelings and thoughts to her fans. 

Beyoncé has officially released two singles from “4”: “Run the World (Girls)” which had mixed reviews from both critics as well as fans, and “The Best Thing I Never Had.” She introduced “1+1” on American Idol, which is a romantic song about her husband of three years, Jay-Z. 

Spin’s Mikael Wood writes that “4” is an “often-gorgeous collection of ballads and mid-tempo cuts rich with echoes of late-’70s/early-’80s pop-soul.” The record is said to be Beyoncé’s strangest, but it certainly does not lack personality. 
The majority of the album is slow-paced, but don’t worry all those “Single Ladies” lovers, the second part of the album really picks up. 
What do you all think of Beyoncé’s new album?

FashionTrend Alert: Color Block Me Please!

Color blocking is one of the hottest trends this summer for its limitless possibilities and use of beautiful colors. This trend combines two or more colors worn side by side. Color blocking gives you the opportunity to pair colors together you normally wouldn’t and lets you try something new and exciting. The trend has also been said to make women appear slimmer by visually elongating their bodies. Sign me up!

How to Pull Off this Trend
1. If you want your colors to pop efficiently, choose both a bright and a muted tone. For example, you could use hot pink with yellow, and white. (The color white is always a great way to add bold definition to any color).
 2. Pick colors based on your body type. If you have a pear-shaped body, wear darker colors on your bottom half. This can create a lovely slimming effect! If you have a tummy, avoid horizontal stripes around your mid-section. If you have an hourglass-shaped figure, wear your color blocks around your torso to accentuate your lovely curves.

 3. Don’t be shy!! People might be scared to pair certain colors together, but this trend actually demands unlike colors to be paired along side of each other. This is the time to experiment, so go buck wild!
 4. Do not combine beyond four colors. Otherwise, your outfit will be disorienting to the eye and could look like a mis-matched mess.
Princess Diana will always be known as an ultimate style icon. Even the Princess saw this trend coming!

Blogger Taylor Sterling, from sterlingstyle, looks adorable sporting her cute color-clocked outfit!
Shop Color Block, Color Block Dresses, or get started with some of the cute styles below!



What do you think of this colorful trend for summer?

FashionLulu*s Getaway: How to Pack for Summer Vacation!

Summer officially begins on June 21st and I can sense all of the vacations that are about to occur! Whether it is for a weekend, a week, or a month (jealous!), a girl must be prepared for any trip! I don’t know about you, but my great vacation is hugely affected by my amazing wardrobe and how well I packed it all into my suitcase. A girl can’t forget anything if she wants to get the most out of her trip, am I right?!
I spent quite some time picking out some of the best vacation attire from Lulu*s and I hope you girls enjoy:
Traveling Outfit:
It is very important to be comfortable when you are traveling so you are nice and relaxed once you reach your destination. That is why I chose this simple tank paired with some cotton shorts and comfy sandals!



When you are sightseeing, the most important thing to remember is to wear comfortable shoes! I can’t even tell you how many times my feet have suffered while I am touring just so my outfit looks complete. It is also important to be prepared for all kinds of weather (depending on where you are) so it is essential to bring a sweater, or even a change of clothes in some situations.




Lunches tend to be more casual than dinners, so just let loose and be comfy. Plus, you’re on vacation, right? Dresses are my favorite thing to wear when I am going out to lunch, so I chose some of my favorites!


Now you can get all dolled up! A classy look is always associated with any dinner attire. If you are out with the boyfriend or with the parents, it is essential to look your best. Don’t forget your matching handbag and accessories, ladies!



A Night Out:
 This is where you can release all inhibitions and wear whatever you want. From crazy tall heels, to sparkly fab makeup, the sky is the limit! Shake what your mama gave you on the dance floor!




(photos courtesy of

Tip: What will save you so much time is to plan each outfit as if you are getting dressed for that entire day. This is what I do every time I pack and it makes it so I almost never forget anything! 

Do you gals have any fun summer trips approaching?


GeneralLulu*s Read: My Life in France

I recently finished this adorable book and I just had to share it with all of you! This book, written by Julia herself, details her wonderful years living in France where she fell in love with the art of French Cuisine and therefore found what she was destined to do. The most amazing message of this book is that everyone can also share the same sheer love of cooking that Julia experienced herself! So buy the book, crack it open, and be prepared to get hungry.

This book is a love story in many ways. The first and most precious to Julia is the love story between herself and her husband Paul, who led her to this fabulous country. Paul supported all of her endeavors and encouraged her to pursue something she could develop a passion for. She did just that when she began to take cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu, where she really found her “true calling.” There is also the amusing love story between Julia and cooking, a deep bond that becomes zealous and strong. Basically, if you are a sucker for love stories and have a passion for food, this book is made for you!  


One of my favorite parts about this book are the black and white photographs that appear throughout. The pictures really give a sense of the new country and culture Julia plunges into and are so fun to look at!

Having never spoken a word a French, Julia immerses herself in an unfamiliar culture and thrives in her new environment. She is an inspiring individual that I can only hope I am like one day. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fall in love and begin a new life in France?

For all of the other fellow Julia fans out there, be sure to check out her two volume set of cookbooks, Mastering the Art of French Cooking,  from which this story is based off.

What do you guys think of this fun summer read?