FashionReina Van der Goot and Elsa F for Marie Claire Turkey

“Wood Nymph” in the December issue of Marie Clare Turkey, features models Reina Van der Goot and Elsa F sharing a whimsical day in the woods with three special friends. Shot by Ayten Alpun, and styled by Hakan Öztürk.

(Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue)

FashionReal vs Steal: Stuff Her Stocking for Less!

If ever I can afford a single piece of Tom Binns jewelry, then please, bury me in it. In the meantime, shoot, pocket that paycheck and rock the look for less with these painted crystal gems! Pssst: no one has to know they’re only $20!

DIYDIY: Christmas Chain Bracelet

‘Tis the season for Christmas-y crafting, so somewhere in-between stuffing stockings and hanging twinkle lights, why not make a cute little holiday treat for yourself (or friends!)? Just dust off those skills from your elementary school days, and get into the spirit with this paper chain-inspired cutie!


The things you’ll need:

Liquid Stitch (or a similar permanent, CLEAR drying adhesive)

Ribbon (as many or as few as you like!)

Fabric Scissors

Optional: tweezers, cotton swabs, patience


First things first: Snip your ribbon into 1.5″-ish pieces. It’s helpful to do this ahead of time so you don’t lose track of the size.

Then: Spread a little glue on the end of the ribbon (it helps to use a cotton swab for precision), then loop it into a little circle and press the ends together. It’s okay to get a little sloppy, the glue dries clear. Voila! The chain begins…

Keep it up: Loop another piece of ribbon through the circle you just made, then repeat the process above until your chain has reached the desired length. This is where a pair of tweezers comes in handy to swoop into those tiny spaces.

That’s all folks: Yep, it’s that easy! When you’re done, and your glue is dry, simply snip another small piece of ribbon and tie the ends together in a neat little knot (or a bow, if you want to get all fancy), and slip it onto your festive little wrist!


FashionAccessory Spotlight: The Symbol Life

‘Tis the season to turn that stuffed stocking into an arm party, and what could be cuter than a few of Lulus own emblematic accessories?! Crosses, chevrons, arrows, and more are infinitely cute, especially when you pile on a few favorites. And don’t be shy! In the spirit of the me-gift, don’t forget to pick a couple to complement your sparkly party dress!

CelebrityPenelope Cruz for Campari’s 2013 Calendar

Penelope Cruz is radiant (as always) in red for this gorgeous calendar shoot for Italian alcohol brand Campari, shot by photographer Kristian Schuller. The “Kiss Superstition Goodbye” theme places Ms. Cruz in various “unlucky” positions, laughing in the face of fable as she kneels down to say “hello” to a clowder of black cats, or tip-toes along a crack in the pavement. All the while she manages to spill not a drop of her cocktail. Now that’s a lady.

Scroll through for more of this splendid spread, and check out Fashion Gone Rogue for the full collection of photos.

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