FashionLooks We Love: Fringe-y Feet

For months I’ve watched the stacks of my very favorite shoes sell out, come back, then sell out, then come back in stock AGAIN… and I must say, the proof is in the pudding: fringe-y feet are here to stay! Not a day goes by without several pairs of fringe booties/sandals/wedges/heels struttin’ by on the lovely Lulus ladies here. But really, can you blame us?

FashionFilm to Fashion: The Amazing Spider-Man

It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man hit theatres just last week, and whether you’ve seen it and want to express your newfound spidey style senses, or you need something webby to wear to your own personal premiere, here are the perfect picks for your Peter Parker-approved, web-biest wardrobe additions:


CelebrityHow Do We Like Our Muffins? Super Studded!

We’re all about rockin’ the studs on our duds, but who doesn’t love to sprinkle a few studmuffins into the mix? And because this summer is all about the superhero blockbuster, I’ve picked a few of the most superb, super-powered studmuffins for your viewing pleasure. So, ogle away! (And, for any comic book afficionados out there, for the sake of super simplicity, this list includes crime fighters, gods, aliens, and any other subcategory of “heroes” we may like to argue against).

The Good Ol’ Boys: They’re hunks. They fight for good, while looking good. Himbos….

Sensitive Genius Type: More substance than your average superhero studmuffin, and more IQ points too (but you wouldn’t like Bruce when he gets angry…).

Billionaire Playboy Genius: Hes got the brain, the brawn, and the big bucks!

Bad Boys: ‘Cause at the end of the day, Magneto is the baddest of the bad, Wolverine is the baddest of the good, and they’re both, hands down, the hunkiest of the hunks.
Now, shall we all go practice our damsel in distress acts?
(Images courtesy of Marvel, DC Comics)

FashionTrend Alert: Cap-Toe Shoes

Cap-toe pumps, flats, booties, and wedges are the hottest footwear of the moment, and with sparkles, studs, neons, and neutrals to choose from, there’s a cap-toe to cap off every ensemble you can dream of! Just ask the celebs who’ve been rockin’ them all over town: Alexa Chung, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart and Beyonce have all been photographed in several different pairs.
Spotted on runways, red carpets, and city streets, the cap-toe is about as versatile as it gets. Pointy, round, or square toes… sky-high heels or totally grounded flats… Take your pick!
Check out some of our favorite celebs rockin’ the casual cap-toe…
… and going glam!

And, as always, we’ve got you covered, so dive in!


BeautyHaircut Crush: The Shoulder Grazer

Ever since Victoria Beckham tweeted this:

… I’ve been head over heels for her new cut! And with summer swiftly approaching, I know I can’t be the only one with a hankering to chop it all off. And, as a big supporter of celebrity inspiration (I totally got “the Kristin” in 2005, ie: Laguna Beach), I put together this collection of awesome, shoulder-grazing, long bobs, or “The Lob” as its coming to be known. Some are even saying it’s “the new Rachel”! That’s high praise… so print this out, hand it to your stylist, and let him/her work his/her magic!

(Images courtesy of Grazia, InStyle, & Allure)