MusicMonday Music Must: Nanna Øland Fabricius of Oh Land

Are you ready to be entranced?

The other day a wondrous surprise arrived via a Nylon Magazine email featuring an artist that I’d never heard of before. I simply clicked play on the video they had posted and when a woman’s voice rang out I found myself wrapped in a trance that barely broke when the song ended. I immideately googled the name on the video, Oh Land, and found that Nanna Øland Fabricius was the voice and the brain behind this beautiful song. 

The Oh Land tracks sound as if someone mixed Lykke Li with a more mature woman/musician. Nanna Øland Fabricius describes her music; “I think that Oh Land has a unique landscape all on its own.  I strive to make the possibilities endless and to have all the senses collide in to a language on their own.”

“I wanted my new album to strike a balance between the big city and nature,” she explains, “because they’re both pulling me in different directions all the time.  I live and grow in the eye of the storm.” – Nanna Øland Fabricius

For the finale, I thought you should all listen to “Sun of  a Gun” which incorporates some extremely creative set design as well as song composition. 

Oh Land “Sun of a Gun” from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

FashionKylie Minogue Styled by Dolce & Gabbanna!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be styled by not just one, but TWO brilliant designers?

Kylie Minogue is a seasoned diva who’s reached the stars and is now headed for the outerlying galaxies in her Aphrodite “Les Foiles” world tour this year. Clad head to toe in sparkling, feathered, shining, transparent, and golden numbers designed specially for her by Dolce & Gabbana themselves, Minogue is living out every little girl’s dream. 

Above, lounging about with the world renowned designers and flaunting her new oufit, as well as her lovely stems, this woman really knows how to shine!


It is this golden corset (above) that is the base of almost all of her outfits. What a great stylistic choice made by Dolce & Gabbanna for this tour. Without a doubt Kylie Minogue, has to change outfits many, many times throughout every set. This way, she just throws pieces over her gold corset for dramatic effect. See the video below for a behind the scenes of her fittings.

You can tell from the way she interacts with the costumes, that Kylie Minogue is a true performer, so at ease with her body and its movements.

Anyone going to see her perform for the Aphrodite “Les Foiles” tour?

FashionParis Fashion Week Fall 2011: Alexander McQueen

Who wouldn’t want to be a bondage queen in a priceless dress? Not sure I would even if I could afford it, but it’s an interesting thought.

Fall 2011 has not yielded the best of collections from many designers and I’d go as far as saying that some of the shows bored me, not to death, but pretty close. However, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQuen (Alexander McQueen’s replacement) has kept his legacy alive quite easily, despite what the skeptics have said. 

The impossible task of replacing McQueen has been overcome by Burton’s steady and assuring feminine influence to the brand. And although this collection did not WOW me away, it did reassure me that McQueen’s legacy is not even close to dying. 

To say that the dress above was intricate would be an understatement when used to describe the layers of lavender chiffon used.

Here, the pieces of the bodice and on the shoes recall the puzzling way that mosaic pieces fit together. This also reminds me of Spain in the summer time! Or is that a stretch?

I have to admit I don’t think mideaval times could get more chic than this.

What do you think of Sarah Burton’s work as Alexander McQueen’s replacement? 

FashionClose Up: It’s All in The Details for The Full Spectrum Lookbook

Last week we launched the Full Spectrum Lookbook, our hottest and brightest yet 

Now, lets get closer for a bit of insight on how we came up with this look.

 For the makeup, we were greatly inspired by the beauty shots at Marc Jacob‘s Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear show. At a first glance we thought it was just a really good smokey eye. However, after a second look we discovered that it was the use of a green shadow within the smokey eye that was doing all the tricks.  

Photos curtesy of

To create our own look, similar to this, our makeup artist went a bit lighter on the eyes by playing up the reflective qualities in the eye shadow. She also decided to go brighter in the lips, with a fuchsia infused plum color. Remember as well, that for full lashes any of the false eye lashes at your local drugstore will work wonder in seconds!

 Here are a few extra close up shots of the adorable clutches from the lookbook. I couldn’t resist highlighting these for you guys because they are a few of my favorites on Lulus right now. Notice how intricate and unique the hardware is on these purses, something that you don’t find on just any ol’ purse!

Hint styling tip for accessories: if you have a plain dress then play it up with a colorful handbag, or if you have a crazy printed dress play it up with a nude clutch. 

 On the left is the Live It Up Blue Purse and on the right is the Round the Clock Beige Purse.

 See, it wasn’t that hard to turn a runway look into a fantastic going out look!

What are your favortie dramatic makeup effects?

Guest BloggerHooray it’s Friday with Corinne Bailey Rae!

With the voice of an angel, singing the lyrics of a poet, Corinne Bailey Rae makes most of my days that much sweeter! This Friday isn’t much different than a “star across my sky” with Miss Rae singing away on my iPod.

    Rae is a free spirit whose incredible singing seems as natural as walking to her. I enjoy the fact that her music is catchy without the over-produced pop sounds of today. 

These are the words running through my head on this glorious Friday. Watch, listen, and enjoy with me as:

Three little birds, sat on my window.
And they told me I don’t need to worry.
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet,
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.”

Hope you all have a great weekend, and wherever you are, Corinne Bailey Rae can put a smile on your face!