FashionModel Moment with Anna

Anna Herrin is back in our studio this week, and we could not be more happy. Not only is she the ultimate bronzed beauty, but her spunky personality and infectious smile makes us never want to leave her side. We sat down and got the scoop on everything from her childhood crush to her favorite fashion trend!


Where are you from?


What’s your sign?

A crazy Pisces.

I never leave home without …

my pants!


Who was your childhood crush?

Who wasn’t my childhood crush? I had a huge, huge crush on Ryan Phillipe and then this kid in my class named Jake Smith, who was so hot when I was in 7th grade.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

Anything over-sized and baggy. I am all about comfort with fashion.

What is you current favorite album?

I have been listening to a lot of Pop2K, so like millennial hits. I guess you would say NOW!  27-34.

If you weren’t modeling, where would you be?

Bathing in warm water, in some fabulous ocean with a cocktail in my hand #donttalktome.

Name your dream vacation.

I was just in Greece which was my first dream vacation! After that I would say, Portugal,  Bali, Thailand… basically anywhere is a dream vacation to me!

When I’m not working, I’m…

chilling very hard, with Grace – my dog, my best friend, my sweet baby angel.

What has been your coolest modeling experience?

Getting to go to Austria and ski in the Alps for a ski job. I just got to hangout and ski and get paid for it. It was amazing!

Words to live by…

You are your own best friend, so start being nice to yourself.


Anna loves LuLu*s! Check out her picks below!

FashionWhat to Wear: Spring Weddings



Formal Weddings:

Formal weddings, otherwise known as black tie, are some of the most formal weddings you can attend. Most of the time they are set late in the day and into the evening, so be ready to get your glamour on! Though you can opt for a floor length gown, we suggest classing it up in a midi cocktail dress! We love our Black Swan Wells Midi Dress because of the clean lines (can you say slimming?) and the modern digi flower print! Pair with some strappy black heels, a statement necklace, and the perfect cat eye.

Garden Weddings:

Garden weddings usually lean towards semi-formal, so don’t go too casual. Choose a dress that reads slightly more formal, but go for lighter and brighter color and prints, and make sure that it’s shorter than the knee! We thought the Save the Last Dance Light Blue Dress would be the perfect fit for any garden wedding with its avant garde peplum that combines flirty fun and a splash of formality! Be sure to wear thicker heels or wedges so you don’t sink into the grass.

Beach Weddings:

Although beach weddings can be a formal affair, most of the time they are very casual. Maxis are a favorite among beach weddings, and we went with one of our favorites: the B. B. Dakota Elvya Maxi Dress. With all beach weddings you need to be aware of the elements, so stick with an elegant sandal or flat (no flip flops!), the perfect pair of sunnies, and be sure to bring a scarf, wrap, or light jacket, since it tends to get windy near the water.

DIYAt Home Spa Treatments: Cold Weather


Everyone knows that the winter is a tough season for your skin. The cold, the wind, and dry air can all add up to some skin disasters! You can try expensive beauty products to fix it, but why not try some simple remedies to heal your hair and skin at home? This blog will guide you through a few fun and easy ways to create great at-home spa treatments to help you through the winter months! Check out the simple recipes and directions below!

1. Brown Sugar Scrub for Chapped Lips

1 tbsp Brown Sugar

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 tsp Honey

Mix the brown sugar with the olive oil. Once fully mixed, add in the 1/2 tsp of honey. Apply a pea size amount to lips in circular motion. And voila! Super soft lips!

2. Oatmeal and Honey Facial for Dry and Dull Skin

1 cup Dry Oats

1/2 cup Warm Water

1/4 cup Honey

Mix 1 cup of dry oats with 1/2 cup warm water in blender. Blend until oats are ground thinly and pour into bowl. Mix in honey and apply to your face, leaving on about 10-15 minutes!

3. Peppermint Body Scrub for a Relaxing Shower

2 cup Raw Sugar

1/2 cup Grapeseed Oil

1 tsp Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients in bowl and place in a dry mason jar. To use the scrub, mix small amount in your wet hand and massage onto body. Rinse and pat dry.

4. Pumpkin Facial for Smooth Skin

2 tsp Pumpkin Puree

1/2 tsp Honey

1/2 tsp Organic Milk (Almond Milk is a great substitute!)

For Puree: Cut pumpkin into slices or cubes , discarding seeds and strings in trash. Steam pumpkin for about 15 minutes, or until soft enough for a fork to smoothly go in. Blend in blender or food processor until smooth, but not watery. Mix ingredients together in a bowl, and apply to clean dry face. Let dry for about 20 minutes, then rinse.

5. Avocado Hair Mask for Dry Hair

1 Avocado

2 tbsp Honey

1 tbsp Olive Oil

Blend one ripe avocado with olive oil and honey. Apply thoroughly from root to end and cover with a shower cap for about 30 minutes, depending on the texture and dryness of your hair. Rinse with cool water.

FashionOne Dress, Three Ways with the Global DJ Silver Sequin Dress

LuLus Holly Days Blog Week Header2
unnamed (2)

Office Party
Instead of just throwing any old blazer over this sequin dress to make it work party appropriate, we opted for the Chanel inspired boucle cardigan to give it a touch of class. The chain detail adds a bit of edge without going too overboard! Pair it with your favorite black pump and bowler bag and you are all set to win best dressed at the office!

NYE Party
Take your NYE to the next level by going with the monochromatic look in stunning silver. Some strappy silver shoes and silver bangles will add the perfect casual cool element to complement this look. Bring in a “pop” of contrast with a black statement necklace to play off those shimmering sequins!

Street Style
Wearing sequins doesn’t always mean you have to be decked out in glam from head to toe! Mix textures, styles, and prints to make the perfect street chic outfit! Grab your favorite flannel, throw on your go-to blazer, and pull on those knee high boots. Accessorize with a little black clutch, fedora, or your favorite pair of sunnies!

FashionNYFW SS14: Top 5 Collections


As you know from our previous NYFW Top 5 post, spring may not be our favorite season. But the New York designers are starting to sway us with their epic collections this season. Culottes, fanny packs, 90s, minimalism, and a ton of flats- we may have just started to have a bit of a crush on spring (Don’t worry fall, you’re still our #1 boo). Below are, in no particular order, our favorite shows from this SS14. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sartorial ride.

Opening-CeremonyOpening Ceremony’s first runway show was 2 fast and 2 furious. A covered car park filled with a mini mall of hot dog stands, pop-up shops, a nail salon, and a newsstand, entertained the show go-ers before the models’ grand entrance in 15 some-odd sports cars. Seriously, awesome. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim said the whole she-bang was inspired by their suburban, Southern Californian youth, where they entertained themselves by watching street races in abandoned areas. The garments themselves were beautiful printed pieces inspired partly by traditional Korean garments, with harnesses and straps that represented seat belts. If only Vin Diesel were there our Fast & Furious fashion dreams would have come true!


Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are totally our imaginary boyfriends that can do no wrong, and they have us swooning with their spring collection. Domesticity was the concept for the show with furniture designers and artists as the inspiration. Cotton crepe pantsuits with paint roller details and culottes were perfectly crafted, but what really pulled at our heartstrings were the couture-crafted pleated skirts with razor thin bronze and silver foil bonded to the skirt. You will be seeing these on the red carpet, I promise you that. Good job, boys!

Alexander-Wang14Alexander Wang brings us a fun, flouncy, and super-90′s collection for spring 2014, and we are not complaining. Wang brought back the logo mania and nostalgia of the 90′s because that is when, “fashion was really fun, when there was wit and humor, and it wasn’t so serious.” Placing his own logo on garments may have been slightly conceited to some, but for us it was bold and fresh. Our favorite piece has to be the “Explicit Content” sweater with the sheer paneling, which we can tell will be a street style favorite as well. Now, you must excuse us, we are about to spend everything on Alexander Wang.


Prabal Gurung  played with the concept of the idealized woman, referencing Marilyn Monroe as his muse. The show started with presenting the girls behind a plastic sheet as if they were shrink wrapped to preserve their beauty. For the clothes, Gurung takes mid-century into a super futuristic and modern era with a mixture of pastels, neon brights and PVC. Our favorite detail from the show was a molded plastic harness in the back of his garments, though it may not be totally wearable, we want one now. It was creepy and weird, but it left us wanting more.


Though we can confidently say we are not a follower, nor fan, of Tory Burch all the time, this spring collection may have changed our minds. The pretty prints and feminine frocks finally got to us with her soft 60′s inspired looks. Burch took her inspiration from the French Riviera and actress Romy Schneider’s nonchalant attitude and style. Though the subdued florals and subtle preppy prints were quite beautiful, what really struck a cord with us was the crochet and lattice detailing that appeared with the modern fanny pack. We also loved the faded Moroccan prints and slight bohemian details on the dresses and garments. Plus, how cute were the purses full of flowers? Okay, Tory, you got us.