BeautyPink Pout for Spring!

Spring has finally arrived, and it’s time to break out those pretty pastels and lovely pinks when it comes to lip color.

 Nyla, our Lulu*s makeup artist, updated yesterday’s shoot with some great new lip products, and our ladies looked absolutely lovely.

To get the look below, start off with “Trimmed in Pink” Lip Pencil by Mac, followed by Mac’s “Please Me” Matte Lipstick. Then, glaze your lips with Lip Fusion Gloss in “Blush” for a dazzling finish.

Pictured: Esley Rosalyn Dress in Pink

BeautyWhat’s Your Beauty Routine?

It ain’t the prom, sweetheart,” you hear your man say as he patiently waits downstairs. Meanwhile, you are frantically preparing for your date. The black heels or the red? A quick spritz of perfume and .. oh no, your hair has gone flat!

I’ve never considered myself a beauty queen, but I’m no roll-out-of bed and head out the door kinda gal either. I usually look put together. That’s just my nature. I’ll make sure I have enough time in the morning to “put my face on,” as my grandmother would say.

The length of time it takes for women to get ready varies greatly. It depends on the girl and also where she is going. Usually, I’m not getting ready for prom (go figure), but I do take the time to go through a good skin care regimen. I consider that to be very important and feel gross if I don’t have time to properly cleanse and moisturize.

That done, I don’t have much time to style my hair or mess with eyeshadow, but mascara and red lipstick is a must!

Now it’s time for you Lulu*s ladies to dish. What’s the most important aspect of your beauty routine? How long do you take to freshen up before you head out the door? Any time saving tips?

NewsMust-See Movie: “Paper Heart”

Fiction and non-fiction unite in a little story about love.

The filmmakers of Paper Heart refer to their creation as a “hybrid documentary” in that it blends real life stories and documentary-style filmmaking within a fictional storyline.

Staring actors Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera, the 2009 film attempts to take a look at love from many different angles.

 It starts out with Charlyne making a documentary about love – something she hasn’t encountered in romance and wishes to learn more about.

Enter Michael Cera. 


After meeting Cera at a house party, Charlyne is obviously smitten and their fictional romance soon blossoms into the focal point of the documentary. Though their relationship was set up and scripted, I found it charmingly fresh, believable and relatable. I loved the timid beginnings of their courtship, from the first awkward silences, to the hesitant handholding and eventually to the revelation of their true feelings for each other.

Let’s also not forget the great interviews between Charlyne and others on the topic of love. From new couples, old couples, optimistic children, a divorcee, some scientists and even a psychic, Charlyne discovers more about what love means to different people and what it means to herself.

So, whether you’re a love skeptic or a true believer, Paper Heart gives everyone little food for thought on an age-old mystery, l’amore.

BeautyLove the Look: A Whimsical Updo

It all started with my desk mate and fellow blogger, Sienna.

Her long, curly locks were artistically pined up in twisted strands at the top of her head. In the midst of this gorgeous brunette nest, she had pinned a darling bird figurine perched next to two robin’s eggs. Amazing.

Then it was the girl at my favorite coffee shop, who had fashioned several blooming flowers behind her ear with her hair all piled off to the side in quirky but darling manner.

I coined it: The Whimsical Updo.

The thing I love about this hair style is that anything goes. A scrap of your favorite ribbon, an elegant peacock feather, a string of pearls, fresh picked flowers … just pin them on and attain instant “fairy tale princess” status. The more creative and cute, the better.

Let your hair go naturally wavy or add some body and texture with a sea salt spray. Pile randomly on the top of your crown and secure with a mound of bobby pins. Garnish as desired.


For inspiration, check out these amazing looks captured by London-based photographer Joanna Kustra. Then check our selection of hair accessories to get started.

NewsLadies We Love: Lauren Graham

American actress Lauren Graham just may be the coolest mom on television. Her portrayal of young mother Lorelai Gilmore, on the hit series Gilmore Girls, will always be endearing to me.

No other than Graham could portray Lorelai’s adorable stubbornness, quick wit, unstoppable sense of humor and incessant need for “coffee, coffee, coffee!” 

Now, Graham plays Sarah Braverman on the new NBC series, Parenthood. Here, she’s the mom of two teens, including a rebellious daughter who makes Rory Gilmore look like an angel. Well … come to think of it, she kinda was.

Pictured below with Alexis Bledel on Gilmore Girls

Watch for Graham Tuesday nights on NBC!