CelebrityMonumental Beauty: Anne Hathaway on the November 2010 Vogue

Keep your head up, despite the busy week ahead, by taking a moment to relish in the beauty of this November 2010 Vogue feature. Shot by fashion photographer Mario Testino, this is a story of epic proportions. 

The monumental beauty of Anne Hathaway throughout these photos tells a story that is fit for a girl who’s meant to live happily ever after, on and off film. 

Doesn’t she remind you of Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, or Elizabeth Taylor? 

Who does she remind you of, if she does?

FashionRhianna’s Only Girl (In the World) Music Video!

To beat the Monday blues I am throwing a little Rhianna your way.

With this super-saturated colorific video how can you not smile? 

Have fun when you watch the Only Girl (In the World) music video! And remember sometimes we just have to let loose! LOL

FashionTrend Alert: How to wear a fur vest!!

Time for an outfit that you won’t be able to resist!  Brittany actually came to work today dressed in this laid back chic outfit that inspired me to share with everyone just how to pull off a wooly, furry vest.

Trends: fur vests, floppy hats, distressed jeans, black boots, oversized handbags, and layered silver jewelry!!

For this look check out our 100% wool vest the Wooly Ma’am-eth Black and Grey Wool Vest!

Once you have the vest add the Villager Floppy Black Hat by San Diego Hat Co. and either of the Ferramenta Horn Necklaces…

Then you HAVE to top off the look with the Deep Relax Fit Jeans by Volcom, and the Qupid Relax 12 Vegan Leather Black Lace Up Boots!


FashionSlowly Falling Apart : A Look at Deconstructing Fashion

Every once in a while, when the interest sparks, I collaborate with my friend, fashion photographer and model, Daniel Martin Noval

I collaborated with him on a series of photos, using Lulus.com clothes, when we went to Hawaii for Spring break last March and posted them on our blog

This time Daniel wrote to me about an idea to photograph and film a dress as it was being deconstructed and torn to pieces. I happened to have an entire box of delicate cotton gauze that I could use to create a gown that would look ornate and also be easy to pull apart, shred, and ultimately destroy. 

Here are the photographs and the video that resulted from our collaboration…

All in all, I thought the outcome captured this specific model in a thoughtful and intriguing way.

Almost as if she was battling with herself on film.

FashionNew Fashion Blog: The Pleat!

Happy Friday ladies!

Today, just for you, we have a hot tip on one of our favorite (and new) fashion blogs, The Pleat! This blog has a mission statement that I can personally relate with and TOTALLY appreciate. Their mission is to make fashion fun, not frightening.

So let’s take a look at what they’re up to…..

The Pleat is a newly launched website about shopping and style. The site is brought to you by four former magazine editors who met while working at Life and Style Weekly – Desireé Marr, Julie Chen, Samara D’Auria, and Tiffanie Graham.

The Pleat showcases the latest current trends, street style, and shopping finds from free – $15,000, with an emphasis on e-tail resources. The lovely ladies behind the scenes present themselves in a fun and friendly manner, because they think fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously!  
Readers receive shopping discounts and can enter for giveaway items.  
Last of all, The Pleat wants to share what’ on their shopping lists, and find out what’s on yours!
Here is one of their blog posts that was totally adorable and turned out to be a very insightful post on one of our hard-to-wear products:
If a diagnostic tool such as a Fashion Difficulty Scale (FDS) existed, these sequined harems would probably rate around a 7.5.  We’re talking 1 being something like a black cashmere v-neck (where’s the EASY button from Staples when you need it?) and 10 being comparable to a Comme des Garçons bump dress (even professionalsdon’t try this at home!). There’s a lot to contend with here, it’s true- drop crotch, sequins, living up to the legacy of MC Hammer- but this, dear reader, is the beauty of DEALICIOUS.  
We at ThePLEAT are here to support your shopping endeavors and to (gently) push you outside your fashion comfort zone. These surprisingly wearable pants are $41*-not a terrible sum to pay for injecting a little fun into your wardrobe (not to mention a cute alternative to a sequined mini!).  And who knows? You might even discover that your own personal FDS has a much wider range than you originally thought.