CelebrityWho is Jo Calderone?

Jo Calderone is a mechanic from Sicily. He hopes to own his own car shop and has never had his picture taken…until now.

 You can find Jo on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, due to release early September.
With a slick, Elvis Presley hairdo and tough-boy expression, it’s easy to glance over his similarities to a famous pop diva.
Any Gaga guesses who he could be?
Just in case my blatant hint didn’t give it away, there is much speculation that this handsome Italian is the alter ego of Lady Gaga herself. What do you think?
Read Jo Calderone’s Interview with Vogue at stylist Nicola Formichetti’s blog 

BeautyHair Dye: What’s Your Color?


I’m one of those girls who has always admired crazy, vibrant hair colors but never actually had the guts to commit to the look herself. The farthest I’ve gone is a bright copper red, which has been my staple for the last year.
Wanting to change up my look and needing a little inspiration, I went on a Google image hunt and discovered a rainbow of bright hair colors worn well.
Dying your hair an extreme artificial color has the reputation of being rebellious and punk rock, so I wanted to show the sleek, glamorous side of these colors.  Ones that seemed as sophisticated as they were unique. 
My favorite is the peach one. What’s yours? Tell me about your extreme hair dying experiences too!   
Bright Cherry Red
Princess Peach
Go Bananas
Green Peace
Lemon with a Twist
Got the Blues
Pure Plum Fun
Magenta Magic

FashionFall Trend: Faux Furlicious!

With the last days of summer fading and the fall season quickly on its heels, we couldn’t help but get in on this fun furry trend. But this shaggy, fashionable critter is even cuter than before because it’s faux and animal friendly
Pair warm brown and silver grey vests like our Ashland Vest and the Danika Fur Vest with a cute black dress and layered necklaces for an elegant going-out look that will keep you warm as well. 
What do you think of the trend?


Read and see more at Style.com

FashionTrend Report: Curves Are Back!

Va Va Voom! Watch out for some hot curves ahead this fall!
I was so delighted to see a full-figured, womanly silhouette back on the runway.
I suspect actress Christina Hendricks’s Joan Holloway on Mad Men responsible for the revival (left). I mean, who doesn’t find her “all woman” curves absolutely gorgeous? 
Even if the fall runway trend wasn’t solely inspired by Joanie herself, collections from both Louis Vuitton and Prada definitely drew from retro, 50’s and 60’s-style looks.
Corseted tops and cinched waists from Louis Vuitton put breasts and hips in much deserved spotlight.
The same goes for Prada, whose belted waists and tall beehives would make any gal fit to strut classic Madison Avenue.

What do you think of this full-figured trend? 

Pictures courtesy of Style.com

NewsCool Site: Go Try It On

So seriously..how do I look?

Whether it’s a first date, casual BBQ or prom night, sometimes you just need a little honest advice about the outfit you picked out, and there’s nothing like an outsider’s perspective to give you some valuable insight.
Many times we don’t have a friend or significant other nearby to tell us the whole truth – that’s when a cool site called Go Try It On comes in handy.

This website allows users to upload a photo of their outfit, tell what outing it’s for and ask for honest opinions from other users. Users can then tell you to “wear it” or “change it,” usually with some helpful advice.
So if you’re a little unsure about what to wear on your first day of class, give Go Try It On a go, and have some fun while you’re at it!