MusicMonday Music Must: The Black Keys


Need some inspiring tunes for your Monday?

Well, thanks to my sister who sent me these this morning, I’ve got some of The Black Keys to wake you up and put you back on your game. 

First is the hilarious “Next Girl” video featuring a singing dinosaur and an insanely catchy song.

Have fun with this one….

Then we have the heart breaking tale of young love in “Tighten Up”. Don’t worry though, love conquers all, no matter how old you are.

 I hope this cheers up your Monday morning blues as much as it did mine. Have a great week!

MusicFriday Funday Music Videos: “Don’t Look Back” by She & Him

I thought I’d share two fun music videos for your Friday! Here is a new release and an old favorite so watch, listen, dance, laugh, and most of all enjoy your weekend!

The collaboration of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel in their new She & Him music video “Don’t Look Back” is at once cookie cutter cutesy and hipster funky at the same time. This duo bee-bops around the video as if the 60’s never happened and it’s still a sci-fi fantasy that they’re hoping to live through.  

 Directed by Jeremy Konner and choreographed by Sophie Olson the “Don’t Look Back” video reminds me, in a great kind of way, of Feist’s music video “1 2 3 4″ from 2007.

 So here is for fun Fridays and great weekends!

FashionMonster Fashion Attack: Lady Gaga as Musical Director for the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 Fashion Show

This monster fashion attack is hot off the press and already taken over the fashion world!

The collaboration of Lady Gaga as musical director for the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 fashion show that opened Paris’s Menswear Fashion Week has spurred an instant fashion craze. Mugler is now under the creative direction of Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti. This development might just be the most viral one in fashion history and may manage to throw this avant garde brand into the sphere of public knowledge with a new, shortened name, Mugler.

The collaboration for the video and newest collection included Romain Kremer another designer, the photgrapher and filmmaker Mariano Vivanco and a model, named Rico, who is covered in skeletal tattoos. This video reveals Lady Gaga’s mix including one of her songs for her newest album, Born This Way, not yet released.

Watch the video and remember that this line, this brand, is not for the faint of fashion heart. This is a brand created around the bizarre that has historically dealt with the utmost of fashion divas. In a desperate attempt to stay afloat in times where many fashion brands are going under, Formichetti utilized a genius marketing campaign to breathe new life into a the dying art of avant garde fashion. Even if it is a little creepy, I think it did the trick.

Did the Gaga & Formichetti collaboration work its wonders on you or just freak you out?

MusicBest Coast’s Newest Music Video: Crazy For You

Oooooooomg this is sooooo cute!

I know how annoying it is when girls “ooo” and “ahhh” over animals but seriously, this IS adorable. Plus there’s good music by none other than Best Coast so check it out!

This video was premiered exclusively on Cheezburger for everyone to watch!

I’m so glad I found this video, it just made my day and maybe even my week!


FashionFashion Collaboration: The Alien Invasion of Lily Donaldson

An invasion of alien beauty bombarded my fashion world last week when this fashion editorial came to me through Fashion Gone Rogue. Don’t fear, this is a peaceful invasion of a stoic super model, Lily Donaldson, caught by photographer Sølve Sundsbø. 


It’s almost as if she’s on another planet with her serene poses and calm reassuring attitude. 

An updo can look old and tried but here it looks new and modern. The reflection of the light off of Donaldson’s hair and the contrast of the shadows in the folds of the garment create highlight every detail in the clothing and on the model.

Here Lily Donaldson looks like a sand mermaid, apparently a new type of creature that sparkles while basking in the sun of the dunes. 

Oh how I love this shot! I know the pants are bizarre, but they utilized them to pose her in JUST the right way! 

Sundsbø captured these wonderful silhouettes of brilliantly constructed garments, styled to perfection by George Cortina, for November 2008 Vogue Nippon.