FashionColor Theory: Bazaar UK February 2011 Rocks Our Sense of Color!

Embracing the key trends of Spring 2011 and spurred mostly by Gucci’s Spring 2011 Ready To Wear show, this editorial for Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2011 really does rock our sense of color theory. Photographer Nobert Schoerner hits the spot in every photo! 

Above, model Ruby Aldrige, sets the scene of sophisticated luxury in a satin Gucci jumpsuit. 

Hot, on and off the runway, this Yves Saint Laurent gown is gravity defiant and out-of-this world cool. 

In contrast with the blues and greens of the outside world, the interior life of this woman is wrapped in the warmth of Miu Miu and all shades of yellows, oranges, and reds. 

Chloé is helplessly 70’s and should be presented as so. Here, I can barely tell that this was actually shot this year! 

Who wouldn’t want to take a mid-day stretch in a chartreuse gown in a luxury house this beautiful? 

Walks outside are made easy in this split Lanvin maxi dress! I wish!

I never thought I’d see a Dolce & Gabbanna mini dress used for a mid-day cool off… but then again why not? 

In my favorite shot, a brilliant shade of blue and the exquisite cut out panels on the side of this gown are framed in parched desert browns. 

FashionElle Fanning: The Beauty of Youth

As graceful as Grace Kelly at an age where few even know the meaning of the word, Elle Fanning is taking our world by storm. This youngster has been a Hollywood actress since before she can even remember but has remained, at the same time, a kid growing up just like everyone else. 

These photos were taken for Interview magazine and thoroughly embrace her doll like look and playful spirit. I love that they didn’t glam up her makeup too much but stuck with simple mascara and braids. 

In an interview done by Interview for their feature on her, Elle confesses this about her favorite subjects in school: 

“Science. But I love artsy stuff, too. We take art, and I love all that. But I also like science for some reason. I just like finding out why things happen.” 

I can just imagine how easy it’d be to work with someone so at ease with themselves but still so excited about the world. Watch the behind the scenes of the photo shoot for Interview to see just how graceful she really is!

And then here in this wonderful dress Elle sits with a face that every kid has made in their lifetime. I enjoy this editorial because it brings back the beauty and simplicity of youth without exploiting it. 

 Also, one more thing, catch this adorable interview of her about Somewhere her latest movie directed by Soffia Coppola. 

FashionIntentional Genius: Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist

A lover of fashion by nature, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, created his blog around a few simple ideas that have become second nature in the blogger infested world of the last few years. As one of the founding fathers of “blogger” style street photography Schumann’s eye is impeccable and his hand unshakable. 

 Almost as if to quiet our incessant questions about how, where, when, and why he takes the photos he does, a short documentary has been released which answers exactly all of those questions. I hope that you watch, listen, and appreciate the intention behind the work and words of Scott Schuman in this short film as much as I did.

 FYI The Sartorialist means: 

sartorial [sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl]


1. of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring

Schuman himself studied tailoring in college which lead to his deep respect and fascination for the art of tailoring and clothing construction. This has also, probably, tailored his eye for details which is integral to the success of his photos.

I love this photo of the work man’s boots. This is an art/fashion instance where function triumphed form in the creation but not in the ultimate appreciation of the object. Schuman has an eye for the subtle and intricate details of every day life that some of us forget to look for. Keep an eye on Schuman’s work by following The Sartorialist! 

FashionBlack Swan Star Natalie Portman Graces Vogue US for January 2011!

2010 ended by unleashing an actress onto us in the most unforgettable kind of way. I would even be so bold as to call it the year of Natalie Portman. Not only did Portman stun our senses with her epic performance in Black Swan but she graced the magazine stands and won over our softer senses with ease and poise as well. I will never forget the image of her “flapping” wings and back muscles straining while she danced wearing a Rodarte tutu or this Vogue US spread of her for January 2011 by Peter Lindbergh.

Director of the Black Swan, Aronofsky, said this of Portman:

“The only way to be perfect,is to allow chaos and madness into your life. Natalie has very few opportunities to express the dangerous side of her, and there’s a lot of colors there. She teases; she’s playful and sexy and so beautiful it hurts.”

Not only is her new physical prowess apparent in her every movement but also a sense that she has, like Nina in the Black Swan, finally found and conquered her “black swan”. 

Watch this behind the scenes video to see Portman’s articulation and enthusiasm for her art in real life. 

FashionFav Fashion Editorial of the Moment: Jessica Stam for Vogue China January 2011

One of my all time favorite fashion models has once again graced us with her undeniable beauty and ability to capture our undivided attention in this editorial was shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue China January 2011. Here, Jessica Stam is featured both behind and in front of the camera as a woman of many talents. While the styling and look of this shoot couldn’t get more of the moment, Stam’s classic beauty shines through. 

How much do you love Jessica Stam?