FashionHats Off to Sarah Jessica Parker!

If you’ve been keeping up with Sex and the City 2, then you’ll have heard about the stunning looks seen at the film’s different debut locations. Of course, no one knows how to turn heads quite as well as Sarah Jessica Parker herself!

Parker is fond of pairing gorgeous Alexander McQueen gowns with eye-catching Philip Treacy hats. Above is the look she wore to the 2008 London premiere for the first Sex and the City Movie. I especially love the combination of butterflies and green roses. It’s so unique, whimsical and perfect for her soft chiffon dress.

This premiere’s look, also in London, is a bit more risky and not my favorite. However, I still love a gal who can rock a daring accessory. Kudos to that!

GeneralMore Favorite Things!

Here are more of my favorite buys from the past couple weeks! Let me know about any great finds you’d recommend!!
Ooh, how shall I declare my love for this scrumptious burrito from Amy’s! It’s so easy to pop in the microwave at work for a quick snack with a little salsa. I not only love the taste but the whole wheat tortilla and healthy ingredients as well. The non-dairy version is my favorite, but they also make one with cheddar cheese!
Number 2: Almay Liquid Liner in Black
This black liquid liner from Almay makes retro cat eyes possible! If you’re like me and have a difficult time handling a liner brush, this gives you more control and not to mention amazing pigmentation.
Number 3: Man Men Season 3
With the fourth season coming up later this July, it was time to catch up with the third season of the hit series Mad Men. Not only do I love watching the episodes, but the commentary on them is so interesting to listen to.
With summer on its way, I needed a light, yet moisturizing face lotion for day time wear. This really does the trick, absorbing nicely and providing a good base for foundation.

FashionPretty in Polka Dots!

Retro, fun and a little bit quirky, ya gotta love a good polka dot print! Our newest Surprise Party Dress (pictured center front) arrived just in time for all those graduation parties I need to attend. Blue and white make an exceptionally good pair for this print, as seen on Zooey Deschanel (left) and Miranda Kerr (right).

I can’t wait to style it with a messy chignon, bow hair clip and some red lipstick (but of course!).

NewsSmiles for Wednesday: Meet the Sloths

Ok, so I have a little thing for cute animal clips. The one with the cat playing the piano, or the baby panda sneezing…I love ’em all. If you’ve got a tender heart for cute critters too, then you’ll coo over the video below. Meet the adorable orphan sloths of Aviarios del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Wonderful footage taken by Amphibian Avenger.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

FashionThe Strong and Stylish Ladies of Iron Man 2

Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2When I went to see the new blockbuster hit, Iron Man 2, this weekend, I expected plenty of action packed scenes and stunning graphics to go with it. The last thing I expected was to be struck by the amazing wardrobe choices of the film’s two hot leading ladies.

Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Pepper Potts, the smart and faithful assistant to Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson also joins the cast as Natasha Rushman, Tony’s mysterious new assistant who’s not only beautiful but kicks major butt.


Scarlett’s character is definitely meant to be the sultry type. Her sharp business attire accentuates her feminine features with the utmost of confidence. Her wardrobe also seems to borrow from 1940’s retro style with its high waistlines, polished pumps and one leopard print dress to die for!

Gwyneth’s wardrobe is a bit more conservative. Black, grey and navy dresses pair with a tasteful boat neckline to keep her look focused on business while remaining both simplistic and lovely.

Have you seen the film? If so, who wore your favorite look?