FashionFashion Legends: The Emma Block Style Icon Series


I am pretty sure it’s impossible to be more darling than these adorable drawings. Created by London-based freelance artist Emma Block, who “is inspired by the people she meets in her everyday life, old photos, vintage clothes, travel, 1950s illustration and 1930s jazz,” these renditions of famous fashion legends highlight signature looks and styles that remain iconic even today. Starring even the Queen herself, this series, entitled the Style Icon Series, is just begging to be hanging in my dream boudoir (but my bathroom will do for now!)
Learn more about this talented Brit on her website, or head on over to her Etsy site to buy a print for yourself!
 (Pics courtesy of Emma Block Illustration and Trend Hunter. Quote courtesy of Emma Block.)

FashionMad for Fashion: Daphne Guinness for Tatler Hong Kong

As if she didn’t have enough awesomeness going for her already, heiress Daphne Guinness blows style straight out of the water with this stunning shoot for March 2012’s edition of Tatler Hong Kong. Shot by the talented twosome Markus + Indrani, this spread features gorgeous pieces from Chanel Haute Couture, Genghis Khan, and Azzedine Alaia. Add her signature phantom heels and a sweet two-tone ‘do, and you’ve got some seriously dark drama.





Want even more? Check out this rad behind-the-scenes video of the shoot: 
(Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.)

ArtBehind the Scenes: Interview with a Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Artist

Good afternoon, LuLu*s loves! Today I am super stoked to bring you one of the coolest things I’ve found in forever! After reconnecting a few months ago, I discovered that my lovely friend Rachel is currently working as a chalkboard artist at Trader Joe’s – yeah, she makes those awesome signs all over the store! She is awesome and she graciously agreed to submit to my interviewing her to give all you ladies a sneak peek into her colorful world!
So, we know you do the chalkboards at Trader Joe’s. What is your official title?
Crew member! My position is the same as everyone else in the store; I just get to do special tasks.
What do you do exactly?
All the signs in Trader Joe’s are handmade. With the exception of receipts, if it has words on it we design it in-store. On paper, I’m responsible for making sure that every product has a shelf tag with a price and for highlighting products. In reality, that has translated to everything from sewing a giant turkey, crafting a 4 foot 3D hot air balloon out of paper, small illustrations, and much more.
It’s pretty rare to be an artist in your twenties . . . and get paid for it. How do you feel about that?
I feel really lucky. Making a sign for cereal may not be the kind of art that allows for a lot of emotional expression, but I get the opportunity to experiment, learn new skills, and color almost everyday . . . and as you mentioned, get paid for it!  You can’t beat that!
Do you have any artistic inspirations or role models?
Dana Tanamachi is definitely a role model. She is bringing a lot of positive attention to hand lettering. I love the vintage styling and how accessible her work feels. I want to apprentice under her!
What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
The most challenging part of the job is finding snap-inspiration when you just aren’t excited about the product.  It might be the third time you’ve designed a sign for the same cereal, and you have to make it seem exhilarating . . . you gotta get creative.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten was to “get out of your own way.”  Sometimes we create roadblocks for ourselves that don’t exist; you have to believe it’s possible in order to really pursue your dreams.
Favorite drawing medium? 
Chalk is great for its handmade appeal, but I think Woodcraft markers may edge out chalk for my favorite medium.  I use them at work almost exclusively and have recently bought a set for myself. They are so pigmented and you can use them on almost every surface imaginable.
And an extra-special treat, crafted just for us!

Like whatcha see? If you’d like to see more of Rachel’s work, visit her blog: Font or Fiction!


BeautyHot Man-icure: Ryan Gosling Nails from Rad Nails

If any of you are as obsessed with Ryan Gosling as we are, then you’re absotively posolutely going to swoon over these nail decals from Rad Nails. Not only do they have your favorite Hey Girl face, but they also feature the not-so-ugly mugs of Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Pharrell. Um, sign me up!

For only $18, you can get twenty in a pack, so there are enough to decorate your tootsies, too! You can choose from a clear wrap or a white wrap, so you can even create your own base if you feel so inclined.
Now, I know that you’ll be drooling over these pretty faces, but please remember they’re not edible. Sad, I know.
For more nail art or to buy your own set of delicious dudes, head on over to their website and shop! There are a ton of other great sets as well for all you manicure-minded missies!
(Images courtesy of Rad Nails.)

ContestsArt Power: Kid Acne for Elle Belgium

Cartoonists rejoice: art is not dead, especially if you have a hot girl to draw on. Case in point: this incredible editorial by Brussels-based photographer Hicham Riad, featuring the lovely model Robin Holzken and the artwork of UK-based graffiti artist Kid Acne. Pairing bright pops of color with a flawless summer wardrobe and an assembly of quirky characters, this shoot is the perfect fit for Elle Belgium‘s June 2012 edition. Hair and makeup by the talented Vasko Todorof.
When you’re done, check out the behind-the-scenes creation of Kid Acne’s designs for this shoot on his blog. They’re pretty fantastic for one, and I really enjoyed seeing how the photos were made.
View the rest of the pics from the shoot here.
(Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.)