CelebrityEmma Watson’s Style Evolution

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or a follower of the fashionably fabulous. Emma Watson is blowing up as quickly as her style is maturing.

Since the success of the Harry Potter movies Emma has gone on to work with Burberry for two ad campaigns that landed her amongst the who’s who of fashion. Listen to this interview with Emma at Marie Claire for a glimpse behind the scenes of the wonderful pictures featured on this blog, as well as her insight into her evolving sense of fashion.


Her recent spread in Marie Claire seems to capture her quiet, yet steady sense of herself.

 Not only does her new hair style set her above all of the typical Hollywood “bombshell” beauties but it defines her as a courageous young woman who’s not afraid to express herself.

Keeping a playfull edge while remaining timelessly classy isn’t easy.

However, Emma Watson is one of those budding fashionistas that makes beauty seem effortless and we’ll have to keep our eyes on her.

CelebrityFashion Guru Profile: Alexa Chung’s 27th Birthday!

Do you know who Alexa Chung is? 

Well if you don’t, no worries, and if you do you probably already know how awesome her laid back style is. However, it is her 27th birthday today, so I thought it was the perfect day to introduce her to you as well as wish her a happy birthday!

Alexa Chung is one of the few fashion gurus, x-models out there that doesn’t radiate the energy of a pretentious fashion snob. Instead, this girl actually looks real, and she is. Her hair isn’t finically styled, her makeup is not caked on to achieve doll like perfection, nor is she ever strapped into garments that she can’t walk or breathe in.

Instead, Alexa Chung brings light to us real girls by wearing comfy clothes put together in quirky and interesting ways that always look accessable. Now, to her credit, Alexa is an x-model that is once again modeling. This must be why every single paparazzi shot turns out so well, right? 

Above are a few of her famous jean short looks. 

This month she’s on the cover of posed as a “retro” visionary on Sylist Magazine!!

 And above is one of my favorite of all time red carpet looks. Alexa pulled off the menswear thing like it was no big thang!!

So lets wish a happy birthday to this inspiring young fashion star, Alexa Chung!

FashionModel Profile: Vlada Roslyakova by David Mushegain

My favorite treat at the end of the day or during my breaks is to thumb leisurely through editorials. This editorial, I happened to find (clicking through) on Fashion Gone Rogue and it’s from a March 2008 issue of Vogue Paris.

With her glamazon barbarella inspired makeup and sculpted hair do’s this model looks like a wax model scuplted by Nicolas Ghesquiere himself!


This last photograph really captures the essence of the Balenciaga collection that was released forSpring 2008 fashion week in Paris right before this shoot was done.

FashionWHIP MY HAIR: Willow Smith’s Youthful Take on Fashion and Music!

I received a text message last week from my sister with the words Willow Smith, Whip My Hair

Now, I didn’t know what Willow Smith, Whip My Hair meant, or what it could possibly lead me to, so I didn’t do anything about it and honestly just forgot about it. However, the next day I was on Facebook and saw a post with the same words in it so then I had to check it out. 

I clicked play on what turned out to be this epic and astonishingly creative music video by non other than Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith. The styling and genius makeup (rhinestones on her lip etc) was so much fun to watch, that I caught myself re-posting (and now blogging about it) instantly.

So here is Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair. I hope you have fun watching and are able to enjoy its youth and energy as much as I did. 

My favorite part of her website is Willow’s Warriorette/Warrior Pledge. Check it out and then go pledge yourself!


BeautySpring 2011 Beauty Trends!

I pulled my favorite looks from the Top Beauty Moments of Spring 2011 on Style.com to give everyone some fresh makeup ideas for the weekend ahead!

Pat McGrath for Nina Ricci emphasized the entire eyelid with a saturated color for an outstanding look.

Fresh faces on Lindsey Wixson at Versace (left) and at Porenza Schouler

Abbey Lee Kershaw went PLATINUM blonde to add some punch to her look.

And last but not least we have a punch of neon color that is to die for! Peter Phillips hand mixed these colors at Fendi to emphasize the lips and leave the rest of the face perfectly down played.