General15 Hilarious Roommate Notes

Umm . . . I don’t even think I need to explain any of these.
If you, or any of your roomies, have ever written such a legacy, please share!

BeautyParis Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012: Fave Makeup Looks

Paris Haute Couture Fashion week is a time of over-the-top designs, costume-y creations, and generally pushing the line. It’s a chance for designers to let loose that bizarre little child living in their brains and craft outfits that would make the movies proud. As always, the Spring/Summer 2012 show did not disappoint. 
In addition to the clothing and the outfits, the makeup in so many of these shows is just out of this world. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve picked out some of the coolest/most outrageous face and hair combos spotted on the runway. Think you could rock any of these?
A flower child of Alexis Mabille.
How about a classy mohawk, a la Chanel?
Check out this sick braid on the models of Christophe Josse (I totally want to try this at home!).
Jean Paul Gaultier‘s whole show was dedicated to Amy Winehouse’s memory.
Okay, while this isn’t regular makeup, the body art of Franck Sorbier IS the sweetest body makeup I’ve seen in a long time.
Oh, hello, future of fashion. Slick ponytails and dark eye makeup of Versace kindof had a Tron theme going, don’t you think?
Forest nymph, anyone? Maurizio Galante‘s models rocked some interesting foliage.
Please note the tiny dots beneath the eyes of Maxime Simoens‘s girls. Cool, or weird?
And then, just to be all NORMAL and stuff, Ellie Saab went with just plain, pretty, and powerful lashes. 
I would say don’t try these looks at home, but I’m actually hoping some of you actually will . . . and then post the pictures for us to see . . . just sayin’. 
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CelebrityHot Guy Spotlight: Jack & Joe

Anyone who’s ever been to the LuLu*s warehouse will know that there are a LOT of girls here. In fact, out of all the employees who work here, the girls outnumber the guys 12 to 1. All the guys who work here are awesome, but the ratio is a little low; sometimes I just need an extra dose of manliness in my life.
And so . . . without futher ado, I bring you two guys with special swoon appeal.
Exhibit A:
The first, you probably know. Otherwise known as Joe Manganiello, he is best known for his role as the hunky werewolf Alcide on HBO’s True Blood. He’s also starred in How I Met Your Mother, Spider-Man 2&3, One Tree Hill, and a bunch of other movies and TV shows. He is also known for his delicious abs.

Exhibit B
Jackson Hurst. If any of you watch Drop Dead Diva (you know who you are, fellow Netflix addicts), then you’ll know who I’m talking about. He plays the brooding lawyer Grayson Kent and looks damn fine in a suit. You might have also seen him in the 2011 A Bird of the Air, or last year’s new series Unforgettable.
Both of these guys have seriously great hair! Yum! Anyway…um, moving on…
So do any of you have any unknown hotties we NEED to know about right now? If so, it is really your duty to tell us about them below. K thanks.

GeneralA Legend Alive: The Orient Express

 Luxury. Romance. Mystery. Glamour.

In 1883, a legend was born to the name of Orient Express. With luxuries like hand soap and an unparalleled food and wine menu, this elegant train steamed out of Paris to exotic locations like Budapest, Bucharest, and Constantinople. Soon, the Orient Express became the Ritz of transportation, carrying celebrities and royality in addition to socialites and other intriguing characters:

“Dancer Isadora Duncan travelled on the Orient Express wearing ‘less than a veil, and that in the wrong place.’ A French president ‘fell off’ and was found wandering along the track in his pyjamas. King Boris of Bulgaria insisted upon driving the train through his country. Spies regularly spotted on board included exotic ‘artiste Mata Hari and Robert Baden Powell (posing as a butterfly collector).”
The 1920s were the train’s greatest years, its art deco decor still today a part of its luxurious and mysterious appeal. The famous Bar Car was a popular rendezvous, as were the grand salons and dining cars.

Ian Fleming’s 1963 From Russia with Love, as well as Agatha Christie’s 1974 Murder on the Orient Express both helped to keep this train on the map, despite its declining popularity due to the options of faster, more reliable transportation.
Although the line finished its run as a regular passenger train in 1977, thirty-five of its vintage carriages were bought and restored by James B. Sherwood in the late 1970s. In 1982, the line known as the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express made its maiden run, bringing the legend back to life. Today, the Orient Express and many of its sister trains continue to provide one of the most romantic forms of transportation the world has to offer. 
In keeping with the stylish drama and glamour surrounding the elite line, formal attire is required at all times. (Sounds good to me!) And, while ticket prices range anywhere from $1000-$10,000, this is certainly one trip on my bucket list.
All aboard!
(Pictures and info courtesy of and Google images.)

ArtSticker Madness: The Obliteration Room

Nope, it’s not paint. 
They’re stickers.
And this is what the room looked like before:
Installed for the Queensland Art Gallery, this incredible exhibit, known as The Obliteration Room was created by Japanese artist  Yayoi Kusama for her Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March. Beginning with a completely white room, Kusama invited children (and kids at heart!) to help “decorate” the space with colorful circle stickers for a period of two weeks. 
Born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, this incredible 82-year-old Japanese artist is known world-wide for her conceptual art based largely on themes of repetition, pattern, and accumulation. She also holds the female world record for highest selling price for artwork at 5.1 million dollars.
As you can see from the pictures above, her artwork is often very tangible and necessarily autobiographical, and the fact that others help to create it is a very interesting note on the nature of art itself. Plus, it just looks like fun. I mean, who doesn’t like stickers?!!

Pics courtesy of the Queensland Art Gallery and Colossal.