BeautyAcademy Awards Beauty Winners: Mila Kunis Takes the Prize!

Let’s step away from bashing the celebrities for wearing the wrong dresses and give some credit to the gal’s that took our breath away beauty wise! 

I’d have to say, and I might be biased, that Mila Kunis rocked it. Kunis usually looks effortlessly beautiful but here we see the simplicity of her elegance and her truly natural radiance up close, thanks to Her stylists kept her makeup simple and her hair classic. Although she’s not trying anything new she’s definitely got the basics down!

Her runner up, in my books, was a close one with Scarlett Johansson. Johansson continues to change up her look and with her new shortened do plus orange/bronze eye shadow, to play up her green eyes, she’s looking pretty darn good. Remember to play with the color of your eye shadow based on your eye color. For instance, complimentary colors do wonders to bring out your eyes. Use brown/orange hues for blue eyes, red/orange for green, blue for brown etc. 

Next up are a few that just looked great to me. Nude lips are in as you can see on Johanson, Portman, and Witherspoon. These ladies are seasoned red carpet celebrities and they know how to pull off glam as easily as it is for me to get dressed to go to the supermarket! 

On both Natalie Portman and Reece Witherspoon their hair was pulled back and away from their faces specifically to show off their earrings. Also good to note, they didn’t bother with a necklace wearing earrings as stunning as theirs.


Anne Hathaway had her work cut out for her that night but her first look was the best and I’m a sucker for classic red lipstick!

Hailee Steinfeld is perhaps the only young actress besides Emma Watson that I actually enjoy watching as she matures! Thanks to Lindsey Lohan these girls have to work extra hard to re-invenet the image of youth on the red carpet. 

Hailee kept her makeup age appropriate and simple. Her hair stylist threw her hair up into a simple updo with a sparkling headband to show off her darling smile!

For the after party Miss Steinfeld made red converse all the rage by taking her high heels off and sporting a pair with her custom Marchesa gown!

What were your favorite beauty looks? 

FashionMilan Fashion Week Fall 2011: Dsquared² Channels True Grit on the Runway

If you’ve been dreaming of cowboys and the great West since seeing True Grit then Dean and Dan of Dsquared² are about to make your day! 

Dsquared² won me over at Milan fashion week with this tribute to American pioneers and more likely, Hailee Steinfeld’s role in the latest Western, True Grit.

Although not breathtakingly beautiful, or feminine, the catchy part of this collection is that it is simply wearable. Take away the bulky layering and the pieces are totally practical. Expect menswear inspired layering for fall 2011 in a big way, and get yourself a great oversized and floppy hat ASAP.


Arizona Muse opened the show wearing an adorable deep-blush colored leather jacket paired with brown gloves, a black floppy hat, killer-pieced jeans, a studded belt, and a pair of white lace up boots.

 To end the show Dean and Dan used their signature move by doing yet another take on a women’s version of a tuxedo. This time however, it was a maxi dress version of a tux from the olden days complete with a black bow tie.

FashionMilan Fashion Week: Gucci’s 90th Anniversary Show Inspired by the 70’s and Florence and the Machine

This fall is ALL about COLOR and the 70’s! For once the fall shows aren’t an army of black clad ladies.

Gucci‘s 90th anniversary show referenced the 70’s and Florence and the Machine. Silhouette, cut, and drape were all 70’s but it was the maxi dresses at the end that screamed Florence! 

The 70’s are woven into so many shows for fall 2011, that this 70’s bug must be contagious! However, based on what I just saw, Gucci’s reign on the fashion industry as well as on color trends will continue seamlessly into fall despite the lack of “originality”.


Take a look at a few of my favorite looks from the show below: 

FashionColor Theory: London Fashion Week Fall 2011 Color Trends

Remember the super-saturated brights from the Gucci show for fall 2011? They’re BACK!

As you’re reading this models are stomping down the runway in head to toe color for London fashion week. At Roksanda Ilincic nothing was left for the imagination. The collection was comprised of statement piece after statement piece for Fall 2011 that many women who frequent the red carpets are going to be oggling over.

Below, are a few more looks in glowing, draped satin.

The colorific journey for Fall gets a little bit more interesting with these wonderfully fantastical pieces from the Basso & Brooke collection.  

Another great show that utilized a highly saturated palette was Marios Schwab. These are a bit more practical in cut and silhouette and I can actually imagine wearing any of these three pieces day or night! 

Last but not the least of what caught my eye was Mary Katrantzau‘s printed emsembles. 

She’s taken London fashion by storm, with her epic digitally engineered prints in the past few years, and this season was no exception. My favorite piece is the one below.

Which celebrity will grab this one first? I wonder…

 How are you going to embrace this trend? Color head to toe or saturated patterns? 

FashionHot Trends: It’s All in the Details For Fashion Week

Have you ever wondered what people wear to fashion shows? When a city is flooded by creative fashion gurus and their followers, there’s no doubt going to be some new trends set. On the left is Anna Dello Russo sporting a totally bizarre hat by Alan Juorno, that has managed to get quite a bit of attention. Good for her though, as they say, no press is bad press! 

Below is one of my favorite photos taken so far at the shows this year (by jakandjill photographer Tommy Ton). It’s almost as if the cheetah and the zebra are meeting up for a bit of a debriefing before running off to the next show on their itinerary. 

For a taste of what a blogger looks like at fashion week, meet Susie Bubble from Style Bubble. Susie, as one of my favorite bloggers, is part of my daily fashion intake. Susie has a super-postive vibe about fashion and always seems comfortable outside the box instead of teetering unsteadily on heeless shoes. Susie is of course one of the it-girls in the blog world who’s presence during fashion week is a must. 

Above is a sampling of her outfits that she wore in the last week. And below, the many shades of brilliant blue topped off with this great knit turban caught and captured my eye. But there is a detail here that I loved even more than her turban….

It was her doubled up watches. Doubling your watch = double the time, I wish! But seriously, so cute.

This photo (above) was taken by Phil Oh.

Below are some other examples from Tommy Ton of wrist layering, with a watch thrown in the mix for good measure.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the billowing white maxi skirts with heels at heights unknown, poking out the bottom as these ladies strut from place to place.

Here is a shot of how cool a transparent white maxi can look layered with tights and a jacket. Make sure you always stand in the sun so that a blogger photographer can get the perfect photo of you! 

Last but certainly my favorite, is the Man Repeller in a white maxi with layered black jacket and sweater on top. 

Even though I try new blogs out almost every day I always end up going back to my favorites. These favorites, including Style Bubble, also include the Man Repeller who recently won an award for having the Most Original Blogger. I highly recommend following her for a daily dose of fashion humor. 

 Stay posted for more updates on fashion week’s fashionably famous trend setters.