FashionNoritaka Tatehana: Studded Phantom Heels in the Making

You might remember a couple of weeks ago when the lovely Annie brought us a post about phantom heels, those bizarre yet mezmerizing heel-less platform shoes hitting the runways and red carpets like nobody’s business. To piggyback on that, I’m taking you behind the scenes with Susanna Lau of Style Bubble, who met up with famed phantom heel designer Noritaka Tatehana, who creates for the likes of Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga.
What you will see below is one of the most incredibly bad ass pair of studded shoes I have ever seen. You’d have to have some serious guts to pull this off. And now, I’ll let Susanna take it away; watch, and be amazed:
“First he skived the edges of the leather sole so that the edges were thinner than the centre and trimmed it, in preparation for the shoe.”    
“After the imprint of his logo and the bending of the sole with expertly cut-out freehand slits means it’s ready to be joined with the grey suede and Swarovski encrusted upper (as instructed by Daphne Guinness).  Both sole and bottom of the shoe has to be brushed with glue and left for five minutes so that the surfaces will stick together properly.  I loved that Noritaka uses a Japanese calligraphy brush to apply the glue.  He won’t have it any other way.”
“Once both shoe and sole are properly sticky, then he puts the two together, hammering away at the sole so that it sticks there.  I thought there might have been a clamping process but it turns out Noritaka uses all parts of the hammer to really press the sole onto the shoe.  You can visibly see the bumps being ironed out with the curve of the claw, the handle of the hammer and a super smooth edge forming that comes from the leather having been brushed with water, making it flexible under pressure.”
And now you know how it’s done! For even more pictures and the rest of the article, hop over to Style Bubble and get your fill!
(All pics and quotes courtesy of Style Bubble.)

CelebrityGive Them Space: Gap Tooth Gals

Mind the gap, ladies, because a little extra space is starting to go a looonnnng way in the fashion world. Where once headgear and the brace face were the automatic go-to for dental divas, a slight gap in the pearly whites is now all the rage. Join the ranks of Vanessa Paradis, Georgia Jagger, Anna Paquin, Jane Birkin, Madonna, and hundreds of other celebrities and civilians in the trend towards au natural.
(Pics courtesy of Google Images, Bella Sugar, and Cosmopolitan.)

CelebrityLove It or Leave It: Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Well, they let her on Glee, so she must be doing something right. LiLo seems to be getting her act together, enough to have been cast as Liz Taylor for the upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. It seems that executive director Larry Thompson has had to defend his decision, but it seems he may have made a pretty good one.

Not only did she play a fairly convincing portrayal of Elizabeth in a 2006 issue of Interview Magazine, but it turns out she and the Dame have a lot in common. The New York Times pointed this out: “Taylor, like Ms. Lohan, was in and out of the Betty Ford Center as she contended with drug and alcohol addiction. Both were child stars: Taylor had her film debut at 9, in There’s One Born Every Minute; Ms. Lohan at 12, in The Parent Trap. As a young woman, each had her brushes with the paparazzi.”

In the images above, Lohan models some of the costumes she’ll be wearing to channel her inner diva. The modern interpretations of some of Ms. Taylor’s most famous outfits are just as stunning as their original counterparts. 
Apparently, LiLo beat out other hopefuls like Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde, so they must have really wanted her!
Filming is scheduled to begin June 4, and apparently they are still hunting for the perfect Richard Burton to play opposite her. I, for one, hope it gets made, not only because I love Elizabeth Taylor, but because I’m rooting for the underdog here.
Anybody else with me? Or do you think this will be a total flop?
(Pics, quotes, and info courtesy of Daily Mail, Allie Is Wired, and the NY Times.)

CelebrityRoyal Mail Delivers: The Great British Fashion Stamp Set

As a long-time stamp collector (yeah, I know, nerdy), you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that the Royal Mail service recently launched a new series of stamps entitled “The Great British Fashion Stamp Set.” Created by the oh-so-talented London-based graphic designer Johnson Banks with the camera of the famous fashion photographer Sølve Sunds, the line honors ten top English fashion houses.
To create the images, Banks and Sundsbo holed up in Solve’s London studio for two days with some awesome clothes and live models to create unique posturing and flow. After the pictures were taken, they took out the models to let the gorgeous textures, colors, and designs speak for themselves.
Not only do I want the stamps . . . but I could sure use some of those clothes in my closet! 
Love this flowing wrap dress!
Wanna buy some stamps for yourself? Shop here!
(Pics courtesy of Trendland.)

FashionA Rose Down Under: Annabella Barber for Plaza Kvinna

When I first saw this photoshoot, I immediately felt like I was back in the pages of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. Lush flowers and floral prints, winding paths and old gates, delicate lace, old stonework – it’s like a grown-up version of my favorite children’s fantasy escape. 
Photographed by Jaclyn Adams for the Swedish magazine Plaza Kvinna, model Annabella Barber captures all the beauty of warm sunny days and youthful innocence. Styled by Vass Arvanitis with hair by Joe Scandizzo for Eleven Australia and makeup by Julie Provis at Hart&Co. 

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