FashionGet Your Ne-on: Tanning Salon by Jamie Nelson

While I’m not usually a big advocate of the fake and bake, there’s a new kind of tanning salon that might have me changing my tune: a neon salon! Talented photographer Jamie Nelson is the genius behind this bright idea, using the backdrop of a tanning salon to highlight, well, pretty much everything.
Armed with a blacklight bed, glow paint, and some seriously eighties accessories, these suit-clad sirens sure know how to light up a (dark)room.
It’s like glowstick heaven!

Anybody else wondering if the models are actually tan?!

Once you’re done oo-ing and ahh-ing over this shoot, check out the rest of Jamie Nelson‘s work. All of her photographs incorporate unique uses of color, makeup, props, and accessories, and every shoot is different. I can promise you this:  you’ll never be bored! (One of them even has an alligator!)
(All pics courtesy of

BeautyFuturistic Fashion: Aeon Hair Rings

Okay, seriously. How rad are these hair rings?
If rock and roll and future fiction had a kid, these Aeon Hair Rings from Regal Rose would definitely be what it looked like. With the option of silver or gold, you can also choose a short, medium, or long package, depending on the length of your hair.
And they’re easy to boot! Just pull them apart, place strategically in your tresses, and pinch closed!
Want more? Regal Rose is the brain child of London fashionistas Rebecca and Louisa Warwick, and they have some really insane pieces you’ve got to check out. Read up on their blog, visit their Facebook page and Etsy shop, and then head on over to their site to snag some rings for yourself!

FashionWhatever Blows Your Skirt Up: Gizia Spring/Summer Couture 2012

Although it’s technically still winter, all the warm weather we’ve been having up here in Northern California has me dreaming of sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair, and lightweight airy fabrics perfect for a day on the beach or out on the town.
Luckily, one of my favorite clothing lines, Gizia, seems to have had the same feelings.
This incredible Turkish line is always creating some really powerful pictures, and their Spring/Summer 2012 LookBook is no exception. With “the richest Italian fabrics, decorated with Swarovski crystals and hand made embroidery, [they bring together] the assertive design lines” that make their clothing simply unforgettable.
You can see the rest of the entire GIZIA Spring/Summer 2012 collection, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage, on their website or on their Facebook page.
(Pics courtesy of Gizia Couture A.)

ArtIn Your Face: Watercolor Artist Marion Bolognesi

Watch out art class, there’s a new pastel in town. Marion Bolognesi, an illustrative artist in New York city, blends portraiture with rainbow paints and some serious soul-searching to create the incredible artwork you see below. Her trademark “tears” or drips of paint effect a definite minor chord throughout her work, while the intense clarity of the eyes is unshakeably unnerving. 
In the end, though, the combination of sadness and beauty creates works that are so personal and raw, you can’t help but be entranced.

Want to see more of Marion’s work? Check out her Facebook page or head over to her site, where you can view her collaborations with other artists, read her blog, or even purchase a surfboard like the one she’s holding below!

(All pics courtesy of Marion Bolognesi.)

BeautyMood Board: Hair Accessories

Ever woken up with your hair looking like a serious don’t? Then check out some of the fab accessories below, just the right touch for a perfect do!