GeneralWhat’s Your Type? Cats as Fonts

If there is anything I love almost as much as extra frosting, it’s an excuse to look at cute pictures of cats on the internet. I love cute cat pictures. I mean looooove. In fact, I’m pretty sure my fellow bloggers are about ready to block me if I send another kitten email to their inboxes.
But NOW, I have a reason to peruse photos of those fuzzy felines:  it’s academic!






Now I know where all those weird font names come from – clearly, there was a paw in the process!
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FashionDiamond Cowgirl: Ella Kandyba for Harper’s Bazaar UK March 2012

Saddle up your horses, ladies, and do it with flair! Gone are the days of dirt and dust: diamonds are a (cow)girl’s best friend!
Shot by photographer Rafael Stahelin and starring Ukrainian model Ella Kandyba, this gritty-meets-glam editorial incorporates the best of high fashion and rugged beauty. Makeup artist Karina Constantine and hair stylist Karin Bigler created a gorgeous combination of golden skin and luscious locks for a stunning accent to the crisp whites, bold blacks, and glittering jewelry.

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BeautyLove It or Leave It: Quirky Cat Eyeliner from L.A.M.B. at NYFW

Cat eyeliner has been around for decades now, so it’s no surprise that Gwen Stefani decided to spice things up at the L.A.M.B. fashion show for the 2012 New York Fashion Week.
Check out this new twist on a timeless look:
Maybelline makeup artist Charlotte Willer created a really unique edge to go with the retro-inspired beehive hair and 60’s-meets-rock ‘n’-meets-very-Gwen ensembles. 
Willer and her team used a colorful twist of the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil in Sapphire Strength winged out along the top, an extra stripe of liner across the crease, and bold dots of Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black. Very rocker-babydoll chic, don’t ya think?

So what’s your vote? Is this runway-only? Date night maybe? Every-day chic? Or just plain weird?
Tell us what you think below!
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GeneralHotel Everland: Elegant Luxury on the Go

Need to get away?
How about to the dazzling lights of Paris?
Or the peaceful lakes of Switzerland?
How about the lovely architecture of Germany?
Built by the talented design team L/B (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann), the Hotel Everland was created for the 2002 Swiss National Exhibition. With just one room, a bathroom, and a lounge, this innovative hotel is elegant simplicity at its best. And, let’s be honest: it’s just rad!

Additional ammenities include a fully stocked mini bar, a record player, and breakfast delivered to the door!
Constructed in Burgdorf, Switzerland, the Everland made its way to Lake Neuchatel, the the roof-deck of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany, and finally to the the roof of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Guests could book it for only one night, but visitors were encouraged to stop by during the day. 


Sadly, the hotel is now closed, but you can subscribe to the newsletter or check out the website in case it reopens…fingers crossed! (P.S. Make sure you check out the sweet panorama!)
(Pics courtesy of Hotel Everland.)

BeautySmoky Eye Tutorial: Celebrity Makeup Artist Christina Farrell


Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when we posted a poll inquiring what you lovely ladies would most like to see in a makeup tutorial. The overwhelming result was a request for smokey eyes how-to, so that’s just what we brought you today!

I give to you Christina Farrell, author of the popular beauty blog The Makeup Blogger.

Here’s her bio: 

Christina Farrell has spent over 15 years as a freelance makeup artist in the television and movie industry. Her work has led to diverse projects such as being an on-air makeup expert for E!’s popular morning show, “The Morning Show” and guest spots on TLC’s “What Not To Wear.” She’s worked on music videos, NY’s Fashion Week, CNN, the Emmy and Oscar Award ceremonies. She created in 2008 to bring her expertise to the everyday woman looking for advice on beauty, fashion, hair and product information. She’s worked with companies like Jenny Craig and Gucci as well as celebrities like Carrie Fischer, Julie Christie, Valerie Bertinelli, Jason Alexander, Debi Mazar, and Emmitt Smith.

All that awesome celebritiness aside, Christina is such a sweetheart! When I approached her a while back about doing a tutorial for all you LuLu*s gals, she jumped at the chance! She is so friendly and open, and she was so excited to create this tutorial for you on an





Need some more help? Below are the tips she’s written out specifically for you lovely ladies! 

The typical smoky eye is usually associated with dark black and grey shadows.  Although this rock star look is iconic, it is often impossibly hard to replicate.  Trust me, I have tried and failed! The truth is that black and grey shadows are very hard to pull off (unless you’re Lady Gaga).  So, I created an easy method to create the illusion of a smokey eye by utilizing neutral eye shadows with a pop of color. The great thing about this smokey eye, is that you can play with many different variations of colors.  My favorite smokey combos are bronze and navy, plum and mahogany, or deep bronze and gold.

Step 1:  Start with a peach based eye primer. This will ensure that your eye shadow stays on all day, and that you get the most intense color payoff from your shadows.

Step 2:  In the shape of a small crescent, blend a matte brown shadow along the lower crease of the eye. This application works best using a pencil shadow brush.

Step 3:  Using a dark plum eyeliner (either liquid or kohl) line the upper lash line, especially concentrating near the lashes.  A great makeup artist trick to follow is to blend the liner into the lashes to create a full lash effect.

Step 4:  With a dark bronze shadow blend the contour and liner using back and forth motions.  This helps to soften the initial color, and blend the two parts together. The dark bronze also adds dimension to look, and starts to give that “smokey” illusion.

Step 5:  With a soft tan eye shadow and a medium sized blending brush, softly blend over the entire lid.  This will help to blend out any harsh lines, and create a soft graduation of colors.

Step 6:  Next, apply a dark mahogany eye shadow over the liner, and on the outer corners of the eye (in a horizontal “V”), and under the lower lash line.  Add black mascara to intensify the effect.

Step 7:  For a final touch, apply a purple shimmer powder to the inner corners of the eyes, and all under the lower lash line.  This brightens up the eye, and prevents the darker shadows from becoming too overbearing.

Want to see more of Christina’s work? Check out her portfolio, or head on over to her blog and website for more tips and inspiration!