GeneralSingle On Valentine’s Day? Five Ideas for Beating the Blues

We hear it every year around this time:  
“It will happen when you least expect it.” 
“Enjoy being single while you can!”
“I wish I had the free time to go out with my girlfriends!”
Yuch. Annoying right? Especially when you pair these helpful sayings with cutesy hearts, stuffed animals, and eighty tons of milk chocolate. I feel your pain, so this year, I decided to hunt down some legitimately non-lame ideas for all you girls out there without a date. 
1. Visit a person who has lost their Valentine. There are a lot of elderly people out there who have lived some incredible romances of their own, and I’ll just bet they’ve got a thing or two to say about true love. Grab another single gal, and spend an hour or two with listening to their stories. You might just make a friend while you’re at it.

2. Make a video montage, a la The Sweetest Thing:
(Apologies for the German subtitles; it’s still awesome, I promise.)
3. Get dressed up. Just because you don’t have a guy to show off for, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to look hot. Slip on one of your sexiest dresses, do your ‘do, grab a girlfriend, and Photobooth it up in the mall with a pretzel and a slushie.

4. Do nothing. How often do you get to do that? Pick up your favorite junk food, put on your comfiest sweat pants, and hit the couch for a little Dinner for One:

5. Stay off Facebook and Twitter. This is probably the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Reading gooey love messages and recaps of the salmon dinner people are eating is never good. Instead, try that old-fashioned form of communication and get out a pen and a notecard and hand write (I know, right? What is that!?) a letter to somebody who would least expect it.

Any ladies out there have your own single solutions to Valentines Day? I’d love to hear them!
(Images courtesy of, We Heart ItEtsy, and Google Images.) 

FashionBo Stanley: Curvy Icon and Carefree Surfer!

A model and surfer sponsored by Billabong and other surfing brands, Bo Stanley has been featured as Vogue Italia‘s most recent Curvy Icon for her fresh beauty, passion for life and the outdoors, and her embrace of a healthy, natural body.
Here’s how Vogue describes her (yeah, Vogue . . . so cool!):
Her toned, curvy body helps her to compete at the highest levels and is also a perfect synthesis of beauty, health and naturalness. Bo Stanley, who was born and brought up in Carpinteria, is an authentic Californian beauty: a blonde in a bikini, with a curvy, sporty physique and natural charm. It’s a far cry from the stereotype of artificial beauty, the product of the obsession with plastic surgery . . .
Bo has also recently worked with the Healthy Is the New Skinny campaign to help transform negative body images and promote self-acceptance for natural beauty and healthy living. Such a cool project – you can check it out onFacebook, too.
Just from her pictures, Bo seems like the kind of girl you’d want to hang out with all the time. Check out her blog and her website, and I think you’ll find she’s just as cool as she is beautiful.

BeautyHair How-To: Sock Curls

Today is an exciting day in LuLu*s beauty land! The amazingly talented Mindy of Adopt a ‘Do:  Cute Girls Hairstyles has agreed to showcase a special hairstyle designed with all you LuLu*s girls in mind!
Now, if you haven’t heard of Cute Girls Hairstyles, then let me introduce you. With the help of her six beautiful children (two of them are adopted!), Mindy launched the highly-successful Cute Girls Hairstyles website in late 2008 and her subsequent YouTube channel a year later.  While her hairstyle tutorials started as a simple hobby to share with friends, they have now been viewed online over 66 million times in nearly every country worldwide . . . equaling more than 5.5 million hours, back to back! 
And, she’s got creds to boot: she is currently ranked as one of the top 150 women on YouTube and ranks #96 “Most Subscribed (All Time) – Guru” with over 185,000 subscribers. Cute Girls Hairstyles has received local, national, and global attention through various media outlets including a channel feature on YouTube’s homepage, regular appearances on local TV talk shows, and a recent appearance on ABCNews’ 20/20.
With that in mind, here is your hair tutorial! Per your votes last week, we’ve decided to feature the 
This is such a cute look, and Mindy claims it only takes five minutes. Yeah, five minutes. Soooo much better than spending hours with the curling iron frying your hair to death. And so, without further ado, gather your supplies!

What You Need

  • Brush
  • Rat-tail Comb
  • Water Bottle
  • Curl Enhancer Cream
  • 4 Men’s Socks
  • Hairspray
And now, watch the awesome tutorial! (Check out Mindy’s shout-out banner at the beginning – showing some LuLu*s love!)

Here are the steps she’s provided, in case you need a little extra help:
Step 1:  Now, you want to start with dry hair. Then gently spritz the hair with a water spray bottle. You will want the hair to be slightly damp, but not wet. (Note:  If you do this directly out of the shower, your curls will likely not hold when you take out the socks.  It is important that you start out with dry hair.)
Step 2:  Then  grab a section of hair from the top of the head and roll the hair around the sock until you reached close to the scalp. Then tie the sock. Do the same for the back-lower hair, as well as one each on the sides of the head. That makes a total of 4 tied socks.  
(Note:  If you are worried about the socks becoming loose or untying, you can sleep with a silk scarf over the hair.)
Step 3:  After a good night’s sleep, you are ready to take out the socks. Simply unroll them in the opposite direction of how you rolled them, shake the curls out at the roots, and ta-da!
You will be amazed at how easy this hairstyle is, and how wonderful your curls will look after using only socks!
What is so great about hairstyles like this is that you can get absolutely gorgeous curls by using zero heat… and you do not have to spend 30 minutes putting in curlers, etc, the night before. We simply used a brush, 4 men’s socks, a spray bottle with water, a little curl enhancer and hairspray {if desired}… all taking less than five minutes to complete.  
(P.S. If you want to add in the braids shown in the picture at top, check out Mindy’s Pancake Braid Tutorial.)
Want more from Mindy and her lovely family? Check out their website, friend them on Facebook or Twitter, share them on Pinterest, or watch some more videos!


BeautyHello Kitty: Mon Amour Collection

Get excited, Hello Kitty fans! Sephora has just launched its new Limited Edition Hello Kitty Mon Amour Collection, incorporating your favorite meow mistresses with a little Parisian love!
“Paris in the springtime is the stuff of daydreams—so what better time for the jet-setting Hello Kitty to embark on a romantic holiday. The Hello Kitty Mon Amour collection invites you to lose yourself in the delicious macaroon-inspired pastels, all encased in the most charming, whimsical packaging featuring fanciful illustrations of Parisian landmarks….from Paris with love.”
Here’s what the collection includes:
Parisienne Palette
 A Paris-themed tiered palette featuring four harmonious Charmmy eye shadows and an extra large blush. 
Mon Amour Palette
An adorable eye shadow and blush palette illustrated with Hello Kitty on a whimsical tour of her beloved Paris. 
 Mon Amour Brush Set
A portable brush set in a dreamy Hello Kitty container. 
Mon Amour Compact Mirror
A compact mirror in the classic Hello Kitty shape, decorated with romantic, Parisian-inspired illustrations. 
 Mon Amour Makeup Bag
A romantic, pink makeup bag decorated with Parisian inspiration. 
 Hello Kitty Mon Amour Nail Files Set
A set of four Hello Kitty nail files decorated with whimsical illustrations of Paris. 
Can’t get enough? Then let me leave you with this adorable video set in the City of Lights!
(Pics courtesy of Sephora and Make Up 4 All.)

GeneralPillow Talk: Connecting Lovers One Heartbeat at a Time

If you’ve even been in a long distance relationship or spent long periods of time away from your loved one, then you know how lonely the nights can be. 
Despair no longer, however, because all that might be changing. Photographer and Designer extraordinare Joanna Montgomery is working to get final funding for a product she’s calling “Pillow Talk.”
Here’s how she describes it:
“Pillow Talk is a project aiming to connect long distance lovers. Each person has a pillow for their bed and a ring sensor which they wear to sleep at night. The sensor wirelessly communicates with the other person’s pillow; when one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one.”
 And here’s a video showing how it really works:
I think this is such a sweet idea! Unfortunately, there aren’t any pillow sets available yet as there is not quite enough money for production, but with the substantial funding it has already received and donations on PayPal, Joanna hopes to get it it going very soon – hopefully by some time in 2012. You can check out the development on her company’s website, Little Riot, or on their Facebook page, which indicates pre-orders may even start next month!
Oh technology, the things you come up with! Now wouldn’t that be a Valentine’s Day present to remember!