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The 65th Annual Cannes Film festival just kicked off its eleven-day event, bringing actors and filmmakers from far and wide. While we’re definitely excited for upcoming films, we’re even more interested in what our favorite stars are wearing!
From Jessica Chastain to Fan Bingbing, the styles were gorgeous giving Cannes a very fashionable start!
Eva Longoria looked absolutely stunning in this Marchesa gown with a beautiful train. I choo choo choose this as a favorite look!
Jessica Chastain’s red locks wow against her sparkly white gown, while Marion Cotillard looks sultry and sweet in her chiffon gown.
Model Natasha Poly wore one of my favorite looks from Gucci’s runway, and the blush-colored gown Naomi Watts wore also brought some train love.
Actress Chen Ting Jia’s gown was really a showstopper, especially when she turned around. Wowzas!
Diane Kruger looked perfectly elegant in her flowing gown, while Freida Pinto looked pretty in her pink beaded dress.
Last, but not least my favorite Fan Bingbing arrived in a beautiful beaded number. According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, her hair was styled as a symbol of the Tang dynasty’s noble women and the gown was embroidered with stories of the four beauties of ancient China. I’d love to see it in person!
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CelebrityGwen Stefani, The No Doubt Years

I love Gwen Stefani. I always have and always will.
I remember stealing my sister’s Tragic Kingdom album (and later her Return of Saturn album) and doing my best to memorize every lyric, and I even tried to pay homage to her at school by wearing a bindi . . . but admittedly I can’t pull it off as well as Gwen.
So when news broke that the band No Doubt would be releasing their first album in over a decade, I got suuuuuper excited, to say the least! So excited, I decided to share my look back at 90’s (and early 2000s) Gwen and her amazing sense of style.
Love. Love. Love. I suddenly have the urge to dye my hair pink, and Gwen’s tiny shirts are still a classic! Of course, we can’t leave this post without No Doubt’s number one hit, Just a Girl.
Anyone else exicted for No Doubt’s return? Let us know in the comments!

GeneralSTOP Project: Read the Messages

Road rage, pull over. Somehow, that bright red octagon isn’t nearly so abrasive anymore due to the creative copy of Changing Lines.
Here’s how the designer describes his creations, entitled the STOP Project:
“I love typography and I always loved to combine different styles of typefaces. In my new project I have tried to communicate some ironic and critical messages by combining several cool typefaces. STOP signs were chosen in strategic locations in order to create an immediate relationship between the messages, the locations and the experiences of the moment. They force people to stop and read the messages, causing a reaction that requires them to question their acquired habits and behaviors.”
Kinda makes you “stop” and think, doesn’t it? 

See more on their Facebook page.
(Pics courtesy of Changing Lines and My Modern Met.)

FashionDare to Bare: Top 10 Most Famous Bikinis

Ever wondered where the bikini came from?
By the time the 1940s rolled around, American actresses had popularized the still-modest, high-cut two piece bathing suits. With the end of the war, however, came a resurgence of independence and attitude. French automobile engineer Louis Réard set out to win a contest to design the world’s smallest bathing suit. What he came up with was one that would leave the belly-button exposed, a fashion feat that had never been performed. He called it the “bikini” after the atomic bomb test site in the Pacific known as Bikini Atoll. Apparently, he wanted the shock to be as explosive as an atomic bomb. Go figure.
And there you have it! The bikini was born! And here are the top ten (in my book, anyway), that followed.
#1. Micheline Bernardini wore the first ever bikini at a poolside fashion show in Paris on July 5, 1946. Nineteen-year-old Bernardini was actually a nude dancer for the Casino de Paris at the time, and she was hired for the show because none of the other French models would wear the “scandalous” bikini.

#2. Brigitte Bardot made waves with a skimpy floral number at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953 that shocked American housewives and had all the men drooling.

#3. Ursula Andress played the role of Honey Ryder in the 1962 first-ever James Bond flick Dr. No. She won a Golden Globe for the role as well as the title of “quintessential Bond Girl” and one of the most iconic film moments of all time.
#4. Babette March was featured on the cover of the 1964 Sports Illustrated first Swimsuit Edition. She was the first elite model with gapped teeth (move over Sookie) and the highest-paid model in her day.
#5. Raquel Welch in the 1966 One Million Years B.C. put a whole new spin on sexy cavemen.
#6. Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia will stand out in our hearts forever in the 1983 Return of the JediWho could forget the sexiest sci-fi babe of all time? 
#7. Halle Berry in the 2002 Die Another Day. Okay, so maybe she’s a bit of an Ursula knock-off in this suit, but she’s still damn hot.
#8. Jessica Alba in the 2005 Into the Blue. I’m pretty sure I watch this movie to drool over Jessica Alba as much as Paul Walker. She is my summer motivation for a six-pack and perfect beach hair.
#9. Demi Moore kicked some serious patootie as a fallen angel in Charlie’s Angels: Full ThrottleSo what if she was partially plastic?
And last but not least…
#10. The Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is the most classic of them all. It even has its own song.
So, did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!
 (Pics and info courtesy of Daily Caller, History of Water Filters, Lisa Curran Swim, Moonage Fashion, Colour Lovers, & Google Images.)