BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Twisted Crown Hair Tutorial

‘Tis the season of weddings and festivals LuLu*s loves,  so you are definitely going to want to take a peek at our summer must-try: the Twisted Crown Hair Tutorial! Two simple side twists form an elegant crown that is perfect for pairing with soft curls, or an elegant side braid or bun for warmer temps! Follow the step-by-step tutorial below!




1. Starting on one side at the top of the head, split a small section of hair into two even halves.

2. Like you would create a French braid, add a new piece to the section of hair to create the twist.

3. Continue creating your twist by taking another piece from above.

4. Combine that piece to the twist as shown.

5. Repeat the previous steps and continue twisting until you get to the halfway point near the crown.

6. Once you reach the back, stop adding pieces and simply complete the twist. Secure with an elastic hair tie.

7. Create another matching twist on the other side and fasten as well.

8. To combine, carefully open one of the twists, and pull the other through the opening.

9. Make an X with the combined twists.

10. Use bobby pins to secure the X, remove the elastic ties, and loosen the twisted ends for volume.

ContestsName the Dress: #271


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Winning Dress Name: Snake It to the Limit

Winner: Cara P.

BeautyMani Monday: Rainbow Sprinkles Nail Tutorial

We like our manis with a little sugar on top, and this week’s Rainbow Sprinkles Nail Tutorial is as sweet as it gets! Dashes of our favorite summer shades (over a nude base) create an adorable look that’s sure to wow! If you’ve got a craving for cute, then go ahead and give this delectable look a try!

sprinkles nail




FashionTrend Alert: Two-Piece Sets!

We are totally swooning over the two-piece craze! From maxi and midi-lengths, short and flirty cuts, to festival-ready sets, we can’t enough! Shop some of our favorite pieces below, and more perfectly paired ensembles here!

two-piece sets


BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Day to Night Eye Shadow Tutorial

From a day at the office to a fun night out, our Day to Night Eye Shadow Tutorial has got you covered! With just a bit more eyeliner for a smouldering cat-eye, and a glimmering glitter accent, your subtle daytime look can be instantly glam-ified! Our tutorial below shares all the deets!

day to night eye shadow


1. Apply a neutral base eye shadow to the lower half of the lid.

2. Sweep a bronze shimmer eye shadow to the center of the lid.

3. Next, add a lighter color shimmer eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye.

4. Apply an inner eye brightener to the waterline.

5. Complete the day look with black eyeliner and mascara.

6. For the evening look, add black eye shadow to the crease, and outer corner of the lid.

7. Thicken the black eyeliner and add to the waterline.

8. Create a pop with gold liquid liner below the lower lash line.