ArtBack to the Future: Old Photos Brought Back to Life

Who doesn’t love to open up their old photo album and remember the good times or just wonder what was going on with their hair? Well, photographer Irina Werning decided to take that feeling of nostalgia (or awkwardness) one step further. Why not recapture these moments today? The results are uncanny and totally cool! 
To relive more awkward moments in the past, check out Irina Werning’s website!
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FashionDream World: Costume Design by Eiko Ishioka

As a visual artist whose career spans several fields, Eiko Ishioka has created some of the most remarkable costumes of our time. Ishioka’s long list of credits includes an Academy Award in Costume Design for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, designs for the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and the costume design for the opening ceremony for 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She even designed costumes for Grace Jones and directed Bjork’s Cocoon video
What Ishioka is best known for are her many contributions to movies, including the recently released Mirror Mirror. Unfortunately, Ishioka recently passed away in January, but her fantastic work continues to live on through film. So let’s take a look at some of her best moments on the big screen.
Mirror Mirror just hit movie theaters and the costumes are spectacular and over the top. All things we love about Ishioka!
The Fall is definitely one of the most visually stunning movies—with a great story to boot! The headdresses are my favorite. 
Eiko Ishioka really made herself known as the queen of dark costumes when she lent her work to Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.  
The Cell, starring Jennifer Lopez, would not have looked as amazing as it did without Ishioka. The headpiece resembled a cross between a rigid neck brace and a forbidding bird cage. 

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ArtThe Half Graffiti Hotel Room

Who doesn’t want to relax in a pristine white hotel room….with graffiti?! Yes, you are seeing that right!
This half graffiti room called Panic Room by the artist Tilt is part of an artistic effort by the Auvieux Panier Hotel in Marseille, France. The hotel allows six different artists annually to transform six different rooms in their own signature style to create amazing atmospheres! 
Panic Room is split into two: clean white walls contrasted by colorful graffiti spray painted all over the walls, floor, and even the bed! This graffiti masterpiece took a week to complete!
And yes, you can stay the night there.
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CelebrityFit For a Queen: Kate Moss for Vogue

Runway goddess, Kate Moss, is featured in Vogue’s April issue, where she channels a modern day Marie Antoinette in beautiful couture gowns truly fit for a queen.
Photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Grace Coddington, Kate lounges around in the luxurious Ritz Paris Hotel, decked head-to-toe in Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Armani Prive, to name a few. 
The famous hotel plays a perfect setting for Ms. Moss’ dramatic wear and is a last hurrah of sorts before it begins an extensive two-year renovation. (It hasn’t been renovated since the 1800s!) The photos are gorgeous and would not look out of place at the Palace of Versailles!
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FashionFashion Around the Globe: Nigeria Fashion Week

From New York to London, to Paris then Milan. We all know of these fashion capitals, but it’s time to explore new fashion ground: Nigeria.  

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, played host to ARISE Magazine’s Fashion Week to highlight the work of many African or Africa-influenced designers. It was the event’s second year and a range of 77 designers offered outfits blending traditional fabrics with international flavor that really gave New York and Paris a run for its money! 

So let’s take a mini-trip to Nigeria just for a moment to ooh and awe at some gorgeous designs!
 Jewel by Lisa
It’s no question that Nigeria was definitely all about the prints. The models for Jewel by Lisa were so effortlessly chic with their fitted dresses adorned with bright stripes.
Madam Wokie

Madam Wokie created such beautiful, but very wearable looks with batik print minis with ruffled hemlines and pops of neon. Love the color!

 Eki Orleans
Sultry silk minis and gowns stood out at Eki Orleans, with abstract prints that were mesmerizing. 
Loza Maleombho
Structured separates crafted from batik prints, Kente cloth, and wax fabrics really had us hooked at Loza Maleombho. It was a perfect harmony of African influence and modern shapes.  
Maki Oh
Maki Oh was all about sultry and sophisticated looks with deliciously luxe silks and velour crafted into tailored looks we’d all want!
To learn more about Nigeria Fashion Week and other amazing African designers, check out or Arise Magazine’s website!
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