MusicMonday Music Must: Christina Perri

Since our favorite lady Siobhan is off for the week, I am stepping up to bring you the latest and greatest for your Monday Music Must!



You may have never heard of Christina Perri before, but after the June 30th episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” she has exploded into the collective music consciousness. From behind dancers Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick, Perri’s song “Jar of Hearts” reached the ears of many; more than 48,000 downloads of her song on the Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs charts debuted her at No. 28 this week.* Not bad for a Philly girl who isn’t even signed!

Perri’s voice is haunting in the honest hurt that can be felt in the song lyrics. Such an open expression of emotion will hopefully pay off in the future. Good Luck Christina! I’ll be getting your EP when it comes out!





MusicGlee and Madonna, but of course!

Return of Glee + Madonna + Sue Sylvester + the beauty of viral advertising = excellent viewing

Last night a promo video for Glee’s upcoming episode featuring a Madonna playlist was aired. Jane Lynch sings along to “Vogue,” making me want to grab the new Like a Prayer Gloves and dance around the warehouse circa 1990. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!!

ArtConversation Hearts by Rosanna Yau

The tasty little confections know as conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, but as I had to remind my boyfriend yesterday, are not adequate as a gift for your loved ones… unless Rosanna Yau gets a hold of them.

Rosanna is a crazy cool cat. But all alternation aside (ha!) she has updated the Conversation Hearts into the tech age.

I was lucky enough to go to undergrad with Rosanna at UC Davis, majoring in Design. She is now finishing up her grad school work at CCA, where she made this little project for class.

Watching the video below will better explain the process, but in short her special made chocolate conversation hearts will activate a program Rosanna wrote to play quirky loved themed videos when held up to your laptop camera for all to see. This is about a zillion times cooler thanย  “Be Mine” on sugar chalk.

Take a look at the cool hearts! Good work Rosanna!

Conversation Hearts from ro.sanna on Vimeo.

FashionNew Year Hot Spot Style: Manuel Antonio National Park

Beach. That is all you need to know about this New Year’s adventure.

But not just any beach. If I were to have my New Year’s way, I would head to the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica located south of Quepos on the Pacific Coast, 132 km from San José. Tours through the park are available, including a rain forest walk where you might be so lucky as to spy a sloth!

Coastal Manuel Antonio at night is pitch black, being lit only by the moon — perfect for some stargazing. Instead of the big count-down at midnight, I would suggest quietly bringing in the New Year with a few good friends or your sweetie on the sands.

With spring coming, this would be a perfect place to try out next season’s trends: the Pocket Change Necklace in Gold [sold out!], the Silk Arboretum Maxi Dress, and the Bamboo Poetic 04 Gray and Silver WhipStitched T Thong

FashionNew Year Hot Spot Style: Venice

Ahh, Venezia! Que bella!

Every year, this city of bridges and islands gathers in the Palazzo di San Marco for one of the biggest gatherings of New Year’s kissers! The Palazzo di San Marco, being the biggest and most culturally relevant square in the city, is a great place to gather with your sweetie and snuggle up until the Campanile di San Marco, or bell tower, strikes midnight.

I would suggest making the effort to stay up to see the sun rise over the Adriatic Sea from the beach island of Lido, where the Auguri di Capodanno sulla spiaggia del Lido di Venezia takes place … aka jump into the freezing cold water a la Polar Bear Swim.

Venice is high fashion, and the Palazzo di San Marco has no heaters outside. When I was there last year, the stone ground was iced over, so make sure to watch your step and have some cute walking boots like the Bamboo Follie 04 Black Mid Calf Riding Boot in Vegan Leather [sold out!] (great for going over jeans!).

Add a little bit of sparkle with the Kismet Karma Dress  so you don’t have to wear any metal on your neck. Again, it will be cold, so the Emma Pillsbury Coat in Soft Pink is a great piece to keep toasty in, and attract the eye of any cute Italians walking by!

Pucker up, New Year’s is almost here!