FashionNew Year Hot Spot Style: Ginza

Not sure about the rest of you fashionistas out there, but right after, “What did you get for Christmas?” the question I’m getting is, “What are you doing for New Years?”.

With only four days left, I still have no idea what I will be doing … but I know what I would like to do! Barring money, travel, and time, here is the first of four awesome New Year’s Eve destinations I would love to visit (and the outfits I would love to wear!)

Ginza is an upscale part of Tokyo with luxurious shopping and high fashion everywhere. The flagship stores of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are always lit up, creating one of the most beautiful city nights I have ever seen. Having been to both, I dare say Ginza is brighter, even, than Times Square.

Class would be the name of my game — including a midnight toast at the Icebar Tokyo, a bar made entirely of, you guessed it, ice. Everything from walls, the bar, tables, and even glasses are made of ice. A jacket is provided in the Icebar Tokyo, but I would walk in wearing the Little Time Dress and Nekhbey Necklace in Gold [sold out!]. Simple, sophisticated, stylish … kind of like Ginza itself.

But let’s not be square bears — a splash of color is needed!  Jeffrey Campbell Pacific Teal Leather Double Ruffle Heels it is!


Check back tomorrow for my next New Year’s hotspot!

BeautyUrban Decay in Fabulous Shades

This weekend I discovered a marvelous eye shadow that I can’t help but tell everyone about, almost to the point of annoyance. I’ve already called my sister twice telling her how much I like the Urban Decacy Ammo Eyeshadow.

“Sis,” I said. “The color matching has a great egde to it by covering well with a great shimmer.”

“I know,” my sister huffs over the phone, “I was the one who bought it … now give it back!”

Oops! Sorry, little sis, but I’m keeping this one.

FashionRED Hot Emmys

Last nights Emmys was the first time I had watched the award show and actually enjoyed it — mostly due to Neil Patrick Harris, but also largely due to the excellent fashion! Really, there were no major bombs. Sure, some missteps, but nothing so … pronouncedly shocking, like Bjork’s swan designed by Marjan Pejoski from the 2001 Oscars.

What we did see? RED! Lovely dresses from Jennifer Morrison, Debra Messing, Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Preston.

But the red dress of the evening definitely goes to Blake Lively. Fantastic shape, dangerouly low plunge… makes me think of our own Lady Danger in Red Dress [sold out!]. Wow! Fashion never looked so hot.

FashionPetite Shoes for Petite Feet!

Last night was the premier of America’s Next Top Model, Le Cycle 13, featuring a group of girls I fit in to — those under 5’7″! I am still smaller than Sundai, who coming in at 5’3″ is the littlest “p” of the petites.

The one thing I did notice right on was that when first meeting the judges, and during panel, all of these mini-models were wearing flats. Hmm … curious choice by the producers, but I myself like to keep the height low from time to time. My boyfriend is only 5′ 6″ himself (he claims 5′ 7″) and that extra 4″ of difference helps. No matter how much you love ’em, you don’t always need to be literally in their face.

So which flats are of choice? Unfortunately, I didn’t hop on the Soda Volcano Tan Snake Vegan Leather Pointed Toe Flat [sold out!] quick enough to get my size, but my runner up flats were well stocked. The Soda Vestia Chocolate Faux Suede Ballet Flat [sold out!] and the Classifed Border Purple Crinkle Patent Button and Bow Flat [sold out!] are now a part of my fashion life.

Flats: Good for going out, Good for going to work, Good for the ANTM models of Le Cycle 13.


FashionFashion Mad-Lib

In third grade, who wasn’t obsessed with Mad-Libs? I never quite grew out of the phase, so below is a custom-made Fashion Mad-Lib!

Just answer the numbered questions, then plug those answer in to the paragraph below. You can get some awesome results! Okay, go Mad! (Yuk yuk!)

  1. Time of Day
  2. Most flattering dress for you from
  3. Hotties shoes on
  4. Place
  5. The most stylish person you know
  6. The sweetest person you know
  7. The most creative person you know
  8. Something you do everyday
  9. Something you want to do everyday
  10. Favorite drink
  11. The handbag you are lusting after at
  12. Color
  13. Favorite sweet treat
  14. Adjective

Now, the Lib!

It’s not even (1) and I’m already planning on wearing my (2) with my  (3) out to the (4). (5), (6), and (7) will be there so you KNOW it will be a great time. It’s been a long week of (8) and (9), so I can’t wait to unwind with a tastey (10). I’ll be able to fit everything I need in my (11), including my (12) eye shadow and (13) flavored lipgloss. Tonight is going to be (14)!

Below is what I came up with! I shared mine, so you share yours! Comment on this post with your own excellent Fashion Mad-Lib!!


It’s not even noon and I’m already planning on wearing my Ada Dress in Black [sold out!] with my Qupid Impress 06 Black Crinkle T-Strap Sandal [sold out!] out to the concert. Brittany, Kathleen, and Siobhan will be there so you KNOW it will be a great time. It’s been a long week of working and exercising, so I can’t wait to unwind with a tastey Diet Coke. I’ll be able to fit everything I need in my Disk Jockey Handbag in Black [sold out!], including my plum eye shadow and cupcake flavored lipgloss. Tonight is going to be great!