I don’t know about you, but in the midst of all this holiday shopping, my budget for splurging on pricey face creams and fancy beauty treatments is completely nonexistent.
However, it’s also the season where I want to look my best, so something’s gotta give, right? I decided to see if there were any cheap and awesome beauty tips out there, and I was amazed to find a plethora of. . .
Some of these sound pretty awesome, while I have my doubts about others. Are they fact or fable? You decide!

1. Old Coffee Grounds Reduce Cellulite
Mix ¼ to ½ cup coffee grounds with about 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Rub into your lumpy bits, and then wrap it all up with plastic wrap and let it cook for ten minutes before you rinse. (Tip:  Use your old grounds from this morning’s pot! Yay recycling!)
2. Hemorroid Cream Reduces Puffy Eyes and Reduces Red Pimples
Gently rub a dab onto puffy or red areas. Good for damage control after a round of sappy movies.  
3. Adding Beer to Your Shampoo Adds Volume and Repairs Hair     
Beer for me, beer for my hair . . . Put 3/4 cup beer in a pot on the stove and boil until you’ve got 1/4 cup left. Once cool, add it to a cup of whatever shampoo you’re already using.


4. Whiten Your Nails with Baking Soda and Lemon
Sprinkle some baking soda on a wedge of lemon and scrub. Ta-da, squeaky clean.

5. Add Chopped Garlic to Your Nail Polish for Long and Strong Nails  
Mince garlic really finely and dump it in a bottle of your nail polish. Let the bottle sit for a few days, allowing the chunks to settle, and then apply as usual (avoiding the chunks).
6. Freeze Your Eyeliner So It Doesn’t Crumble  
Throw it in the freezer 15 minutes or so before you want to apply, and the tip won’t break off or crumble when you apply it.
7. Rub Your Hair with Dryer Sheets to Prevent Frizz and Static
Choose a sweet-smelling dyer sheet and rub it through your hair in the morning before you head out. Stash it in your purse for touch-ups during the day. Avoid the sheets that smell like moldy laundromat.
8. Put Toothpaste on a Zit
Dab it right on top of the infection. Think of an excuse as to why you have minty spots all over your face. Rinse when dry.
9. Brush Perfume through Your Hair
Spritz your favorite perfume directly onto your hair, then brush through for frangrant strands all day long. Practice your hair tossing skills.
10. Blow Dry Your Eyelash Curler
After you’re done blow drying your hair, zap your (metal) eye lash curler for a couple of seconds. Make sure it’s not going to burn off all your eyelashes, then crimp. The heat works the same way curlers do on your hair, and your curled eyelashes will be lovely all day! (P.S. It works even better if you use waterproof mascara!)
11. Shaving Your Face Exfoliates and Makes You Look Younger
Some claim that shaving your face in the shower every day creates a more youthful appearance by exfoliating and smoothing. Also prevents cases of the fuzzy-wuzzies.
12. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel Works As a Primer
When you compare about $7 at the store to Mac’s $40…and I think you’ll agree. Nobody has to know your beauty secret!
* * *
So what do you think about these ideas? Will you try ’em or are they too weird? Do you have any of your own magical tips? 
(Pics courtesy of Google Images. Tips courtesy of cosmopolitan.com, sophiemagazine.com, girlsguideto.com, realbeauty.com, womansday.com, and skinverse.com.)