I have a confession to make. 
Ever since I got a Wii for Christmas, I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with my Netflix. I mean, we’re like this. A couple of weeks ago, after exhausting the free streaming epidsodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I happened upon the complete seasons of Veronica Mars. And, yes, I know the show ended four years ago, but still, I’m addicted.
In addition to the fact that she’s got major ‘tude and a taser, Miss Mars (aka the lovely Kristen Bell) also rocks some of the cutest outfits around AND the best hairstyles every day. I mean, I realize she lives in a rich, fictional town and has a stylist for everytime she sneezes, but still. Jealous.
I am currently on Season 3, and now that her hair has grown out from the short ‘do she sported in the first two seasons, Veronica has been rockin’ some really cute styles. One of my absolute favorites that I’ve been dying to try is a super cute wraparound French braid, as you can see below:
Pic from here.
From the front it just looks like a regular old side braid that she threw together, but if you take a look at the back shot below you can see that there is a little more going on:
Pic from here.
Starting at one ear, she’s braided it all the way around the back of the head, letting the end hang down over the other side. The great thing about this is that it works with many different lengths of hair, and it channels the very “in” side ponytail look. As you can see, she’s dressed it down with a sweater and up with a blazer — works great either way! This would also be a good look for second-day hair or just after the gym — simply blow dry your bangs straight, braid, and ta-da! Or, add a cool clip or flower to the end of the braid for a romantic date or prom look.
If you want to try this look for yourself, watch this tutorial below!
Once you get the hang of it, this is a super-easy look to pull off!
What do you think girls? Is this a look you will try?